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Heiman Safeview Technologies is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of video surveillance products and solutions. Since the beginning of the company, it has been developing the most innovative and high-quality CCTV cameras and video surveillance products. Founded in 2004, Heiman Safeview Technologies have been playing a major role in video surveillance market devoting 10% of our total annual revenue to research and development for continuous production of high tech and high-end products.

“Through eWorld Trade we could reach countries that are not easy to penetrate, in different time zone or even countries that are economically or politically unstable with high needs for security products”, said Xue Fang Lai

Xue Fang Lai believes that the future for Heiman Safeview Technologies is bright as it continues to enjoy the advantages and benefits of eWorld Trade’s B2B platform.

“The winning formula of total quality management and Exclusive Premium Membership can definitely exaggerate the speed in closing deals effectively and efficiently, even in some of the world’s most competitive markets.”

Tingrui Nine Star Trading is a lighting manufacturer and supplier that specializes in long life and energy efficient products for commercial, industrial and residential light applications. The company is headquartered in Shangyu, Zhejiang, China.

Leveraging its targeted LED lighting portfolio, technical support and expertise, Tingrui Nine Star Trading is committed to providing high-quality, sustainable, green lighting solutions to the world lighting market.

“Ever since we became a Platinum Plus Member, we have noticed many changes in our business. The number of inquiries we received increased rapidly”, Ms. Shu Fang Tseng.

“Thanks to eWorld Trade, we have been able to open the gateway to global markets. Even though we just begun using for over a year, we have managed to understand the power of e-commerce and the value of being a Platinum Plus Member on eWorld”.

Currently, Tingrui Nine Star Trading has a lot of customers from many countries, including Myanmar, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the Middle East and South Africa. Furthermore, its products have been highly acclaimed in these markets.

Shanghai Lingmay Beauty started with the idea of developing beauty in all aspects because beauty is not limited it is rich in meaning and you cannot define beauty in words.

Shu lung, the Managing Director of Shanghai Lingmay Beauty, first heard of eWorld Trade through the internet and signed up as a free member because of its large network of buyers and suppliers from around the world and she upgraded to the Gold Premium Service a few months later.

Now as a Gold member, Shanghai Lingmay Beauty receives more inquiries in comparison to being a free member. “Since becoming a Gold Supplier member, we have increased our company exposure. More customers are sending inquiries to us, the number of inquiries has increased and our annual sales revenue has also increased,” said Shu lung.

“I get about 100 inquiries a month and 90% of these inquiries are through eWorld Trade. eWorld Trade has really saved a lot of my time and I have got good returns from it.”

Heifang Cosmetics believes, make-up products are made to accomplish extrinsic excellence but considering all aspects it should add into the real beauty.

De Kao, the Chief Executive Officer of Heifang Cosmetics was looking for a B2B portal to maximize his reach and connect to a larger pool of buyers and suppliers to outreach the limited market he had been delivering his products in. The transparency and genuine nature of eWorld Trade made him to sign up and upgrade for E- Exclusive member and become a part of eWorld Trade community.

“After becoming the E- Exclusive member, inquiries and reach has increased rapidly of Heifang Cosmetics. I feel lucky for my business to be a part of eWorld Trade.”

“Inquiries have maximized substantially compared to being the free member. eWorld Trade has really served its purpose and getting good returns from it is worth the little investment.”, De Kao.

Mr. Mamdouh Zaki Zakhary, President , National Trading Est., (NATCO) - Egypt

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