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Cayman Islands Suppliers & Buyers

Cayman Islands Suppliers & Buyers

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Cayman Islands Suppliers & Buyers

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The Cayman Islands is a self-governed British Overseas Territory and it is the largest by means of population. It comprises three islands; Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac, which are located in the South of Cuba and North East of Honduras, between Jamaica, and the Yucatan Peninsula. Financial services and tourism dominate most of the economy of the region which sums up to 60% of the gross domestic product. Cayman Island aims to introduce itself in the modern market of import and export and is upgrading the trading industry. In 2020, it was the number 38 economy worldwide in terms of total exports, and in terms of total imports it was number 144. The main export of the Cayman Islands includes passenger and cargo ships, broadcasting equipment, refined petroleum, gold, and recreational boats. It mostly exports to Malta, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, the Netherlands, and Seychelles. The main import item of the region includes cars, recreational boats, etc. It mostly imports from Italy, Seychelles, Germany, the United States, and the Netherlands. The Cayman Islands was the biggest importer of recreational boats in the world in 2020. The b2b online marketplaces like eWorldTrade are introducing new chances for businesses to grow their import and export with other countries. There are a lot of platforms available, but eWorldTrade is the only b2b online portal that enables the authority to the business. Businesses can easily list their product on the b2b platform or can get quotes from anywhere in the world. It makes trading much more peaceful and convenient for buyers and sellers. The b2b website has verified buyers and secured payment options with a safe trading environment which makes it ideal for business that wants to expand themselves worldwide. There are no join-in charges or hidden fees for the users. Although the businesses can avail themselves of the additional services via the premium memberships available at the platform. There are multiple memberships with different benefits, so the businesses can choose the one that they find suitable for themselves.

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