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Serbia Suppliers & Buyers

Serbia Suppliers & Buyers

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Serbia Suppliers & Buyers

Global Serbia B2B Platform for Serbian Buyers & Sellers – Access to Unlimited Importers Database

Serbia is quite a small country but that hasn’t stopped it from conducting business all across the world. With $14.9b exported in 2016 and 19.2b imported, Serbia is the 56th largest economy in the world. Its top export destinations are Italy, Romania, Germany and Russia and for imports, Hungary, Germany, turkey and Poland have held the top spots for a long time. And in 2018, Serbia’s ecommerce market amounts to over US $315 million. Serbia is home to 7 million people. And so of course, there’s quite a range of businesses to be found. There are several eCommerce B2B marketplaces for the country however, eWorldTrade has remained in the top ten b2b websites for a long time. Offering unique features that no other b2b portal offers. The eCommerce market of Serbia having grown over 40% in just a year shows business exactly how important it is. Serbian B2B businesses need to take the next step now if they aim to grow and expand their business and widen their reach in the market. Cross border eCommerce can open several business opportunities for you, all you have to do is choose the right business to business marketplace for you and your business!

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