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* To achieve our mission we provide all the necessary functionalities to buyers and sellers that help them in developing the voice of their business and to expand worldwide.

Vietnam Suppliers & Buyers

Global Platform for Vietnamese Companies, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Buyers and Vietnam Importers

A subsidiary of Reckon Media LLC, established in 2006, eWorldTrade has turned into a leading platform for global wholesale trade in Vietnam and around the world. Offering unique features and quality services with trust, reliability and confidence, eWorldTrade is the perfect place for importers and exporters from Vietnam. Businesses looking for an opportunity to expand and build them can give themselves a boost through eWorldTrade’s comprehensive Vietnamese B2B directory, intelligent design and advanced features that aren’t available on any other B2B marketplace. We provide authentic services and leads so your business only has the best without the hassle of doing the clean up. Innovative and reliable trading solutions have brought millions together on t explore new horizons and move towards globalization in a much more efficient way, and broadening the reach of your brand.

Key Account Manager

Our quality customer service is the reason eWorldTrade is at the top in such a short time. A manger dedicated to you full time, only to enhance your experience in online marketing and cross border ecommerce. Several Vietnamese manufacturers and suppliers have joined us to help them make the right choices that’ll boost their brand. Whether it’s their digital presence, scheduling of meetings, participation in tradeshows, or much more, our experts are always here to assist you in conducting business with their multi-dimensional skills. Experienced and highly qualified managers are constantly working on ensuring that our Vietnamese clients have the best leads possible.

Market Research and analysis

eWorldTrade truly cares about your business which is why when you join us, we conduct a complete analysis of your business and industry to ensure that we know who to target and what your audience needs. Our aim is solely to improve the quality and experience of your business, allowing you an opportunity to grow and expand your horizons. eWorldTrade pays close attention to every detail and outlines your theme precisely. We want to ensure that we meet your ROI expectations and that you are only building long-term healthy client relationships.

Human to Human Feature

A feature that no other platform offers, eWorldTrade combines technology with human services to provide you with the best and most effective branding and sales solutions. We encourage human to human services no matter if you are in Vietnam or anywhere around the world. A win-win situation for both, our unique B2B sales strategies have changed cross border trade in just a few years. eWorldTrade only reached out to buyers that have verified requirements and we ensure to only process authentic and genuine offers. Our platform has allowed buyers and suppliers to mutually benefit without any difficulty no matter where you are in the world.

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