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India Suppliers & Buyers

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India or the Republic of India is the second most populous country in South Asia and the seventh-largest country by area. The country is bounded by the Indian Ocean in the South, the Southwest Arabian Sea surrounds the country, and the Bay of Bengal in the Southeast. It shares the land borders with China, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, Myanmar. According to the International Monetary Fund, the economy of India in 2022 was nominally worth $3.46 trillion. It was ranked the fifth largest economy by the market exchange rates. India is one of the most promising countries that provides exceptional and high-quality products to different countries. And not only this, but the country also imports many different products from around the world. Per the record, India's top export products include drug formulation, petroleum products, pearls, gold and other precious metal jewelry, telecom instruments, semi precious stones, and biologicals. Although, the top imports were coal, coke and briquettes, gold, pearl, precious, semi precious stones, crude, and petroleum. The recorded export growth of India was 9.78% in November 2022 as compared to November 2021 and the recorded import growth was 10.3% during the same time duration. The main destination of India was the United States with a total of %5.93. eWorldTrade is one of the largest b2b platforms in the world and has a lot of advantages for the one who wants to start an import and export business in India. There are several advantages of being connected with the marketplace. It has outstanding features and there is no denial in the fact that eWorldTrade helps the business to reach a new level. The marketplace provides the opportunities for them to expand their business and get to an international audience. The buyers and sellers from India can take advantage of this opportunity and get the best out of the marketplace. eWorldTrade has a lot of categories for different products which makes it easy for businesses to list down their products and the buyers to find what they want. There is nothing hidden and everything is transparent on the marketplace for the users. 

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