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Iran (Islamic republic of) Suppliers & Buyers

Iran (Islamic republic of) Suppliers & Buyers

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Iran (Islamic republic of) Suppliers & Buyers

Top Buyers And Sellers In Iran On B2B Marketplace For International Growth at eWorldTrade 

One of the oldest countries to exist, Iran is home to the diverse culture of Farsi and a country ruled by religious leaders also known best for its architecture, famous scholars, Farsi poetry, delicious cuisines, and a famous mathematician who invented algebra. The art speaks for itself on Iran’s walls, leaving many tourists in awe. Iran borders the Persian Gulf, and the Caspian sea Turkey is located between Pakistan, India, and Iraq. Iran is considered number 47 in the world’s economy in terms of GDP, 71st in total imports, and 86th in exports. Iran’s major exports are crude petroleum ($1.18b), nuts ($913m) acyclic alcohol ($832m) exporting to its major trade partners China ($5.85b) Turkey ($1.18) Pakistan ($352m). Iran’s top imports are broadcasting equipment($2.23b) corn($1.09b) rice ($885m) vehicles parts($625m) soybeans($548m)  Iran’s economy is emerging and flourishing since agricultural, hydrocarbon, and service sectors have tended to grow and develop. It is also advancing in manufacturing and financial services. According to the IMF Iran’s economy would grow at least 3% in the due course of one or two years. The second huge reservoir of natural gas and fourth-largest reserves of crude oil in Iran made a huge difference in expansion of the economy making it the largest oil-producing country. The B2B online portal allows people and other businesses to gather in one place for the expansion of their business.eWorldTrade has proven to be a trustworthy b2b platform for all the manufacturers, traders, and wholesalers of Iran. If one looks at the b2b website of eWorldTrade one finds trading partners and comes aboard with them and so many categories to browse from with millions of Iranian products.  Over the years, eWorldTrade has also been ranked as the best b2b marketplace. Transactions on this platform are safe and secure which makes wholesalers manufacturers and buyers believe in eWorldTrade even more. With the passage of time, eWorldTrade has become the number one place for all the business needs of traders. Providing a huge range of directory it is accessible for users to have a detailed look at the eWorldTrade marketplace with a broader perspective.

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