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Romania Suppliers & Buyers

A Leading B2B Marketplace to Connect with the Companies in Romania

Romania is the twelfth largest country in Europe, with a GDP recorded at USD 14,858 per capita in 2020. However, the value is projected to rise up to 13671 thousand euros by the end of 2023. The country is currently ranked the 45th most sizable market for eCommerce. Whether it is with an individual country such as Germany, or the rest of the world, Romania can export everything around the world. From automobiles to agricultural products, furniture, appliances, and even military equipment, Romania is found to be the greatest exporting country among the world’s leaders. With the rising percentage of 21.9 in the Romanian eCommerce market, the businesses have majorly contributed in the global growth rate of 10.9% in 2023 Their top market of Romania in eCommerce is fashion and generates 46.1% of revenue. The top exports of Romania are Motor Vehicles, including parts and Accessories ($6.07B), Cars ($5.75B), and Insulated Wire ($3.67B). In the past few years, the Romanian exportation in countries like Germany ($15.9B), Italy ($7.45B), France ($4.65B), Hungary ($3.24B), and Bulgaria ($2.59B) is going upward successfully. eWorldTrade is a B2B marketplace for Romanian businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, and startups that are seeking to import the product as well. Thousands of Romanian businesses have joined the team of eWorldTrade to expand their businesses in every region of the world and widen their target audience as well as avail the safe & secure transactions. Through our Romanian eCommerce B2B you have a golden chance to reach targets much sooner than expected and get yourself connected with not just Romanian b2b directory but also one of the largest European b2b marketplaces. We have a broad list of verified manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, investors, and buyers that meet in Romania and all over the globe.

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