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Bosnia and Herzegovina Suppliers & Buyers

Bosnia and Herzegovina Suppliers & Buyers

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Suppliers & Buyers

Rapid Growth Of Business On E-commerce Channels In Bosnia Through B2B Marketplace 

Built on the Balkan Peninsula Bosnia and Herzegovina is a dynamic country ranking 74th in the human development index. The whole economy is thriving due to agriculture and industrial growth consecutively following the service sector and tourism. This fantastic country provides educational health and security to its citizens free of cost. It is also a leading member of the Union for the Mediterranean. Its GDP ranked 112th in 2020. Moreover, $6.63B of exports including electrical equipment and furniture majorly exported to leading nations Croatia, Serbia, Austria, and Germany. It mainly imports lubricants, chemicals, and live animals. Top services provided by Bosnia and Herzegovina include business and personal travel professional services and air transport. With years passing businesses have developed e-commerce platforms and generated extensive revenue on b2b websites. Businesses have flourished with the help of eWorldTrade which served as a tremendous platform for manufacturers and traders, an undeniable service providing all-inclusive solutions for them. This platform has served buyers and sellers in Bosnia with a dramatic rise in revenues on eWorldTrade during the pandemic, which made people browse b2b channels and increased online banking trends. Capable partners are found in the market that has sold products to the USA with the help of the b2b marketplace. Over the years, the e-commerce sector prospered and associated itself with other leading e-commerce platforms like eWorldTrade. This has opened a channel for e-commerce and expansion of trading on the internet. Businesses with nonphysical stores found a way to promote their businesses on the b2b online portal. The majority have switched to e-commerce resulting in huge profits day by day. On eWorldTrade it is much easier to follow the latest trends of e-commerce as guided by the professional team. On a global level businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina flourished with eWorldTrade. An expected amount of $304m will hit by the end of 2025 due to online trading through the b2b platform. Payment methods are made easy on eWorldTrade through credit cards and net banking.

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