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Lebanon Suppliers & Buyers

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Lebanon Suppliers & Buyers

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Lebanon is a country in West Asia. It is situated between Syria and Israel while Cyprus is in the west across the Mediterranean Sea. The country has plenty to offer from well-preserved castles, beaches, historic churches, and much more. As per Lebanon’s constitution, the country follows a laissez faire model. After the war of 2006, the country’s economy expanded, averaging 9.1%. In 2020 Lebanon held its 101st economy in the world in terms of gross domestic product. It was number 119 in total exports and number 85 in terms of total imports. The top exports of the country include gold, jewelry, scrap iron, and cars. Lebanon get products mostly from Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. The country imports planes, helicopters, spacecraft, gold, packaged medicaments, and gas turbines. Most of the imports are from China, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Germany, and the United States. The top export of the country is gold worth $1.05 billion and the top destination is Switzerland. The stats are enough to know that the country is growing and expanding its reach which means a lot of opportunities for the businesses in the country and the ones who want to collaborate with them. eWorldTrade is the premium b2b platform that helps businesses from all over the world to reach their audience. The b2b online portal is best for the ones who want to develop themselves and enhance their online visibility. It has the widest range of sellers and buyers who are continuously looking forward to collaborating with businesses that can provide them with the best. The b2b website has a lot of advantages for online businesses. They can list as many products as they want and connect with potential importers. The premium packages of the platform make it easier for businesses to develop themselves and market in the best possible way. eWorldTrade is helping its users with everything that can be helpful to maintain a great business.

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