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Equatorial Guinea Suppliers & Buyers

Equatorial Guinea Suppliers & Buyers

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Equatorial Guinea Suppliers & Buyers

Equatorial Guinea B2B Marketplace -Leading B2B online Portal Helping Equatorial Guinea Manufacturers and Suppliers

Equatorial Guinea on the west coast of Central Africa, there lies a country known as the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. It shares maritime borders with Sao Tome & Principe, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Gabon on the land. Equatorial Guinea has focused significant attention on its economic development, and the government has undertaken numerous initiatives to support the country in continuing its economic growth. The economy of the nation has given it access to investment opportunities and to bring revolution in its eCommerce through B2B trading.  For any business to succeed, in this century, the best strategy that every business should work on is adapting and dealing with other businesses through B2B portals. One of the most dependable and authentic B2B websites is eWorldTrade thanks to its skills and experience, which are highly recognized and reputable. The main exports of Equatorial Guinea are crude petroleum, petroleum gas, acyclic alcohols, rough wood, and veneer sheets, as they have generated total revenue of 2.65 billion US dollars in recent years. With an export value of 1.93 billion US dollars, crude petroleum is the most exported product in Equatorial Guinea. These products are mainly exported from the trading partners of this country such as China, Spain, Portugal, India, and South Korea. Whereas, the main imports of Equatorial Guinea, most imported products originated from Nigeria with an importing value of 376 million US dollars. These imports include scrap vessels, special purpose ships, other large iron pipes, Passenger and Cargo Ships, and Poultry Meat. 22% of the imports are covered by scrap vessels with an import value of 264 million US dollars. Other notable importing partners of Equatorial Guinea are Spain, China, the United States, and Brazil. Given the fact that it connects with a significant number of suppliers, customers, and active traders, eWorldTrade has an advantage in the online business industry. By helping businesses in recognizing potential and qualified buyers, sellers, wholesalers, and dealers for business entities from both the local and worldwide markets, eWorldTrade Equatorial Guinea may help elevate the business to the status of becoming a successful business venture.

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