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North Korea Suppliers & Buyers

North Korea Suppliers & Buyers

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North Korea Suppliers & Buyers

Get The Hold Of Importers And Exporters From North Korea At Our B2B Platform 

North Korea is an East Asian country that shares a border with South Korea, China, Russia, and Japan. The economy of the country is one of the most closed and centralized economies in the world. There are many rules and regulations in the country about trading and import and export. The most popular and successful export of the country is in the garment industry.  In 2022, North Korea was the number 184 economy in the world in terms of total exports, and in terms of total imports it held number 186. The top exports of North Korea include video displays, electricity, electric insulators, electric batteries, and ferroalloys. It mainly exports the products to Poland, Burma, Luxemburg, Nigeria, and China. The country imports soybean oil, raw sugar, packaged medicaments, wheat flour, and processed tobacco from Russia, India, China, Switzerland, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The top destination of the country is China and the top export is electrical insulators worth $17.5 million. The most specialized products from North Korea by RCA Index include watch movements, wild instruments, fake hair, vegetable and mineral carvings, and electric insulators. Although it is assumed that the import and export are not possible with the North Korean businesses, it is not the case. Especially the b2b platform like eWorldTrade, the platform can help the business to expand themselves and import and export from the North Korean business. The b2b online portal has a large number of users who are working and growing themselves as successful online businesses. On the platform, there are more than 5000,00 buyers and sellers registered there. eWorldTrade is free to join, which means there are no charges to list the business on the portal. Also, the website believes in transparency, there are no hidden charges, and policies by the platforms. eWorldTrade makes it convenient for the businesses to trade, import, export, and connect to other businesses without much effort. The b2b marketplace also provides additional services as per the membership users buy to make themselves more visible. 

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