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France Suppliers & Buyers

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France is ranked 26th among the countries it is located in Western Europe and pertains; to Mediterranean beaches, medieval cities, and alpine villages. Paris is known as the capital of France, famous for its fashion industries, classical art, and museums, and is mainly famous for its historical monuments. The total export of France is approximately $488,562,445.7, and imports are $582,775,305.82. The GDP of the entire services and export products of France pertains to 28.04% along with import products at 30.26%.  They were the biggest exporters of planes, helicopters, and spacecraft in 2020 followed by wine ($10.1B), cosmetics ($9.02B), and perfumes ($4.49B). Compared to imported products in 2020 non-fillet fresh fish ($2.02B), nuclear reactors ($603M), and so on. France’s foremost commodity exchange in 2021 was with Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain (7.42%), and China (a share of 4.84%). In 2021, the main exports were machinery or mechanical appliances at about 10.7%, vehicles or railway accessories at roughly 8.73%, pharmaceutical goods at about 39 billion USD, and lastly iron and steel ( 3.08%). On the other hand, the share partners for importing are; the USA with a share of $31 billion, the UK, and Switzerland.  There is significance in the import structure of France back in 2021, the excessive import was witnessed with electrical appliances at about $64 billion, cinematographic or photographic at about 3.3% or 23 billion USD also about medical instruments, and lastly organic chemicals at about 16.6 billion USD. Acknowledge the positive impact of trading through eWorldTrade known as the B2B platform, where there’s a quick access for all the traders. To enhance the recognition and discover manufacturers, and wholesalers from France connecting with eWorldTrade as a B2B website is an ideal option. Avail the opportunities by introducing your business across the globe with the assistance of the B2B online Portal because eWorldTrade provides all the relevant databases to manage functionality by increasing the business’s interest rates. eWorldTrade also improves trading exposure by offering different opportunities which cater to a mass population and allows access to all the products. So, the online b2b platform enhances the credibility of a specific business.

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