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Sudan Suppliers & Buyers

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The Northeast African country Sudan is popular for its over 200 pyramids which are apparently more than Egypt and were built by ancient Nubian civilization. The country lies at the crossroads of the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, bordering the Red Sea. Sudan shares its border with seven countries Chad, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Egypt, Libya, and Eritrea. In 2010 the country was the 17th fastest-growing economy. As per the reports of 2020, the economy of the country stands at number 100 in the world after a decade in terms of GDP. The number is 123 in total exports and total imports 108. For the GDP per capita, Sudan stands number 194 economy and the 117th most complex as per the Economic Complexity Index. The top exports of the country include other oily seeds, crude petroleum, gold, ground nuts, sheep, and goats. The export is mostly done with Saudi Arabia, China, United Arab Emirates, Italy, and India. The top imports of the country include raw sugar, cars, packaged medicaments, wheat, and tractors. In 2020, Sudan was the biggest exports of other oily seeds and ground meal worth $746 million and $45.4 million respectively. The top export of the country is gold, and the top destination United Arab Emirates. The country welcomes importers and exporters from around the world whether it is offline or online. And if the businesses want to grow their import and export online then a b2b platform like eWorldTrade is best for them. It is the b2b online portal where there are buyers and sellers from around the world. The businesses can contact and connect with them through the b2b website and introduce the business to them. There is a wide chance and opportunity for businesses to reach an international audience. The business in Sudan can collaborate with other businesses around the world and vice versa. There are over 5000,000 users at the platform who are working with each other and buying and selling their products in bulk and at ease. 

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