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Turkmenistan Suppliers & Buyers

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Turkmenistan Suppliers & Buyers

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Turkmenistan is located in central Asia, bordered by the Caspian Sea, and mainly occupied the area of the Karakum Desert. Due to the access to gas and oil resources, Turkmenistan was ranked 4th across the globe. The capital of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat, with the soviet style being as a monument representation. It’s more likely to be also known as a largely deserted country, with agricultural resources in irrigated lands. The trading determines the ranking of the growth in relevant GDP; however, the main exports of Turkmenistan are; petroleum gas, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, ships ($195M), and lastly nitrogenous fertilizers ($170M). Mainly exporting to China, Uzbekistan ($369M), Russia ($315M), Turkey, and Italy ($105M). On the other hand, imports plays a vital role in the rise in GDP topmost imports of Turkmenistan are; gas turbines ($103M), raw iron ($103M), packaged medicaments, iron pipes ($101m), and harvesting equipment ($80.1M). The main import-shared partners are ; Russia, Turkey, Germany, UAE ($182M), Ukraine (USD 214 million), and Japan (USD 147 million). Turkmenistan is known for its resources of extensive gas and oil, which directly indicate the growth of the relevant business across the globe. Maintaining the identity and managing the online recognition connecting with an adequate portal is recommended. Therefore, eWorldTrade is the key B2B website where all the authentic buyers and sellers are associated. eWorldTrade is an expert in providing all foreign trading strategies, a direct approach for enhancing business across the globe. We provide a wide range of manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors directories to cater to all business ventures. With the exclusive assistance of Turkmenistan’s B2B portal, access to the featured database unlocks new opportunities for trading and business enhancement.

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