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Cocos (Keeling) Islands Suppliers & Buyers

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Suppliers & Buyers

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Cocos (Keeling) Islands Suppliers & Buyers

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Cocos keeling islands are situated in the Indian Ocean, officially a territory of Australia. It is a tropical country with a variety of flora and fauna with unique species that are only seen on this island with an exotic marine ecosystem. Also known as treasure island for its secret artifacts and gold bullion. Coming to its trade coco island is a land of natural gifts. Coconuts are grown throughout the island also the only cash crop. Coco island exports around $4.78m worth of goods annually which comprises plastic products ($340k),  integrated circuits ($190k), hypo-chlorites($222k), countries mainly to the United States ($1.58m), United Kingdom ($1.58m) Australia ($652k). There are products that coco Island needs to import such as cars ($360k), iron structures ($281k), base metal watches ($269k), and motorcycles ($188k). Its importers are the United States ($114k), Australia ($3.95m), and Ireland ($104k). Coco Island has an advanced and well-established network of internet which has been a key factor in the flourishing of businesses on the island. Their online presence is made easier and more convenient. It allows local businesses to come forward and benefit from the service by using the b2b website eWorldTrade and showcase their merchandise. They can earn profit through a b2b online portal like eWorldTrade. It offers them the opportunity to trade with foreign buyers and sellers. The business does not have to worry about security as it is the most secure b2b platform providing 24/7 customer support easing your way to enter into the world of the b2b marketplace. They can list as many products as they wish as there are no restrictions and charges for listing your goods. For established businesses, there are premium packages that they can avail of and get the most benefit from. Coco island is becoming an emerging inecommerce  b2b platform with the largest directory in eWorldTrade that has everything to offer and provides the best solutions for all your business’s needs.

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