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United States Virgin Island Suppliers & Buyers

United States Virgin Island Suppliers & Buyers

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United States Virgin Island Suppliers & Buyers

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The United States Virgin Islands are a group of Caribbean islands and an unincorporated and organized territory. The islands are geographically part of the Virgin Islands archipelago and located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles and the British Virgin Islands. The islands are popular because of their white sand beaches which include the Magens Bay, Trunk Bay, and deepwater harbors. The main industry for the economy of the country is tourism. Other sectors are responsible for almost more than half a percentage of the gross domestic product. Other major sectors include the public sector, agriculture, manufacturing, and rum production. As per the records of November 2022, the Vidin Islands were the number 38 in terms of total exports and number 42 in terms of total imports in the United States. The top exports of the Virgin Island in 2022 include refined petroleum, jewelry, delivery trucks, diamond, and mixed mineral or chemical fertilizers to Martinique, Barbados, Sint Maarten, Guyana, and Guadeloupe. The top imports of the U.S. Virgin Islands include refined petroleum, asphalt, furniture, beer, and large flat rolled iron. U.S. Virgin Islands mostly import from Spain, Colombia, South Korea, India, and Canada. The b2b online portal helps exporters and importers to reach the global market. eWorldTrade is one of the finest b2b marketplaces that help businesses get potential buyers' attention. At the b2b websites, the sellers can avail of the opportunities to enhance their chances of being discovered. eWorldTrade has been offering outstanding services to clients for over years and helping them to increase their chances. There are a lot of things to discover at eWorldTrade, the premium packages are one of them. The businesses can get a premium membership by the platform to get the additional services. eWorldTrade has several of advantages for the users. The platform has millions of products and multiple categories to make the purchase and sales accessible for the users. The importers and exporters from U.S. Virgin Islands can buy the products in bulk and export their products without any problem through eWorldTrade. 

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