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Pakistan Suppliers & Buyers

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Pakistan Suppliers & Buyers

A Leading Directory for Pakistani Buyers and Sellers – A Top Place for Pakistan B2B Trade 

Pakistan – the land of the pure , known for its beautiful scenery, is located in South Asia sharing its borders with India, Afghanistan, Iran, China, and Iran. The state is predicted to mark a phenomenal upgrade in its eCommerce revenue which is predicted to reach US$6,724.4 million and is seen to go ahead of New Zealand. They are also expecting to show an annual growth of 6.1% which will result in a market volume of US$9 million. With their commodities up for exports they have contributed at a global scale in the b2b eCommerce market. Electronics and media are one of the largest markets in Pakistan followed by furniture, appliances, and more. Pakistan’s largest market in trade is the textile industry which accounts for millions of revenues. The top importing products of Pakistan are palm oil, crude petroleum, and raw cotton. Among their importing partners they are mostly connected with Saudi Arabia, UAE, the United States, and China. Moreover, Pakistan also has been among the largest importers of tea and metallic yarn. Pakistan exports with the USA had a share of 21%, $6 billion, and with the United Kingdom at 7% US$2 billion. Pakistan’s export is dominated by textiles, cotton, cereals, rice, sports goods, fruits, leather, and salt. These serve as the largest exporting products for Pakistan. Exporting to the United Kingdom non-knitted sweaters for men and women is also a boosting shot that contributes to their economy. Looking at Pakistan being a hopeful market for eCommerce, eWorldTrade has created an opportunity for buyers and sellers. eWorldTrade is ranked among the top b2b marketplace in the world. The platform serves businesses for manufacturers that are attentive to B2B. Manufacturers and suppliers find Pakistan to be an ideal market and this chance is influenced by CPEC. Many suppliers are flocking to the country, and eWorldTrade provides them with amazing chances to elevate their businesses and be a part of international trade. The platform is known to be a great online portal due to its facilitations for its clients. Among their services include a free request for respective products or services.

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