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Iraq Suppliers & Buyers

Iraq B2B Service- Reliable B2B Marketplace for Foreign Directories For Buyers & Sellers 

Iraq is known as the Republic of Iraq, situated in western Asia. Borders are mainly from Turkey to northern Iran, followed by the Persian Gulf and Kuwait. The capital of Iraq is Baghdad, and the main rivers that have created hype for Iraq are; Tigris and Euphrates. The regions situated between the rivers are also known with ample names as per the history, which includes Mesopotamia in Greek. The GDP as of 2021 was approximately 12,230 USD per capita. Whereas 2019 exports were slightly high at roughly $7.32B, with greatly different services. The topmost exports are crude petroleum ($45.2B), Gold ($7.98B), refined petroleum, petroleum coke ($424M), and Coal Tar Oil ($102M). The commonly shared partners are; China, India, Turkey ($8.19B), and South Korea. Therefore, where imports are highly preferred so are the exporting products such as; broadcasting equipment ($3.33B), cars ($1.86B), jewelry ($1.44B), and lastly packaged medicaments. These products are mainly imported to Germany, UAE ($13.1B), and India ( $1.46B). Moreover, these imports are considered important for Syria (18%), the US (6%), and Jordan. Iraq is defined beautifully per its geographical significance, boosting economic growth over the ages. Iraq’s trade has been rapidly growing which is boosting the economic conditions. To encounter stability in the business and entertain credibility, being associated with eWorldTrade’s services is a wise choice. eWorldTrade is a reliable B2B website where all the resolutions are provided, and the equipped team ensures that online recognition is boosted. Access to Iraq’s B2B online portal across the globe, where generating links with manufacturers, and wholesalers gets easier once associated with eWorldTrade's relevant services. Through us, the opportunities for business trading get flexible and accessible since eWorldTrade provides all the databases for executing perfectionism.

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