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  • DMT

    Looking for DMT FOR recreational use. Will but every 3 or 4 months. Must be reli

    United StatesUnited States

    Agricultural Growing

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  • red bull

    33 palettes a monts



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  • A4 size paper

    I want to import A4 size paper in India



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  • PC hardware, laptops

    Looking for gaming hardware: Motherboards, Graphics cards, power supply, memory,


    Computer Cases Tower

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Success Stories

Zhaolong Cable Company is established in 1993 is a state high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D and manufacturing photoelectric information. We have use serval B2B companies in past years but our pro


Company: Zhaolong Cable Company
Designation: Overseas Sales Manager

The business with eWorld is unquestionably advanced than all other platforms. Their services are more Human-2-Human which makes B2B services better than anyone, their buyer consultants are highly prof

Jo Xu

Company: Sino Packing Co
Designation: Sales Manager


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Business in Myanmar demands patience, as well as reliability to build strong trade relationships. Attempting to carry out fast track business in Myanmar without the proper resources may not bring you desired success.  Eworldtrade is a comprehensive B2B network with a strong presence in Myanmar as well as more than 100s of regions of the world. We assist Myanmar exporters and business units connect with the right trading partner from the diverse regions of the world. 

With the comprehensive directory of eminent buyers and traders from across borders as well as from Myanmar.  Eworldtrade brings limitless opportunities for every manufacturers, supplier, exporter and wholesaler experience an unparalleled human to human service connecting not only buyers and sellers but also facilitating long term trade partnerships. Eworldtrade Myanmar signifies potential promotional strategies for the comprehensive range of products and services. eworldtrade assists you take the opportunity position your business ahead of the competition, while leveraging the whole B2B Ecommerce platform 

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Eworldtrade is the most reliable online channel that serves as the loyalty builder for B2B sellers in Myanmar since we understand that client relationship is not a one off transaction. The online marketplace showcase your credibility, acquire and retain sustainable trade partners and indulge in the strong prestige among the toughest of competitions 

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The key to rapid growth is trading with the one and complete platform. Eworldtrade is the singular platform fulfilling all your trading and corporate partner. So Myanmar businesses need not to give a second thought to other online portals 

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Eworldtrade has made international trading much easier, making your business digitally connected with worldwide suppliers and exporters. If you aspire to invest or expand your exports across the world, you can rest assure with our knowledge, experience and extensive network to explore new business opportunities and achieve an unmatched return on investment