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Macedonia Suppliers & Buyers

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Macedonia is a modern Greek traditional region located in the north-central part of the country. It is approximately 13,200 square miles. Alexander's era was when Macedonia was able to attain rule over many several other lands. The main focus was diverted when the evaluation of the 2020 GDP was carried out. Macedonia ranks 136th worldwide, As per the economic ratio and GDP. The import and export of a specific region indicate how valuable and powerful it is, and the revenue generation is also indicated by the total of imports and exports. Exports for Macedonia are mostly overreaction or catalytic products ($1.4B), centrifuges, chemical products (1.89 billion USD), furniture such as lamps, mattresses, illuminated signs, insulated wires seats, motor vehicles, Ores (3.11%) and accessories. Once the requirements and importance of export products are highlighted, it’s vital to unleash the relevant share partners such as; Germany, Serbia, Greece (2.97%), Hungary (3.07%), UK (2.57%), Slovak republic (1.91%) and Turkey. On the other hand, importing also plays equal importance as for north Macedonia’s main products are platinum, laboratory ceramic ware ($449M), precious metal compounds ($247M), cultured pearls,  inorganic chemicalsorganic chemicals, electrical machinery, pharmaceutical products, ceramics products(485 million USD), and iron (666 million USD). The importing share partners give a legit boost to the country’s revenue generation; China ($516M), Serbia (871 million USD), Italy (493 million USD), Bulgaria (485 million USD), and Romania with a share of 2.61%. Macedonia is historically a beautiful region which is directly raising the economy throughout time, however connecting with  eWorldTrade is a beneficial B2B website for all businesses. Explore the foremost buyers and sellers on this B2B platform, where efficacy is highlighted through 24/7 services. eWorldTrade provides different opportunities to unlock exclusive exposure with an accurate directory filled with categorized wholesalers, and manufacturers. The promotion of a business is easily entertained by being associated with eWorldTrade since we are fully sourced with featured data.

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