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Vanuatu Suppliers & Buyers

Vanuatu Suppliers & Buyers

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Vanuatu Suppliers & Buyers

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Vanuatu is an island country which is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The country has beautifully landscaped with untouched water, WW2 shipwrecks, and long history and rich culture. The friendly island has an active volcano, award-winning chocolates, fresh seafood, kava, and the only underwater post office in the world. The country’s economic mainstays are agriculture, offshore financial services, raising cattle, and tourism. The country is mainly dependent on these four industries to grow its economy. In the year 2020, the country was the number 179 economy in the world in terms of total export and in terms of imports. Most products of the country that are being exported include non-fillet frozen fish, passenger and cargo ships, fish filets, perfume plants, and copra. They are mainly exported to Japan, Indonesia, China, South Korea, and Thailand. The country’s top imports include rice, refined petroleum, packaged medicaments, poultry meats, and cars. It imports from China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore. eWorldTrade launched over a decade ago and since then it is offering to outclass services to users as the b2b platform. It is one of the finest platforms for b2b trading around the world. At the moment, this b2b online portal is catering to over 500,000 buyers and sellers. And it has been continuously working to expand its database and gather more businesses from around the world. eWorldTrade is free to join and there are no hidden charges. The b2b website believes in transparency and makes everything transparent to the users from the policies to the charges. It only charges for the premium memberships that the users buy to improve the visibility of their business. The platform is the best way to list your products to the importers and display them to a worldwide audience. As the largest b2b marketplace, eWorldTrade provides a lot of benefits and opportunities to the business to reach a new goal and move to the next destination without any problem. The platform provides practical solutions to businesses that can help them to grow.

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