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Nicaragua Suppliers & Buyers

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Nicaragua Suppliers & Buyers

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Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and shares borders with Honduras and Costa Rica through land and by sea, it is connected to El Salvador and Columbia. The country is popular in the world because of its lots of volcanoes and lakes. It has the two largest freshwater lakes; lake Managua and lake Nicaragua. In 2020, Nicaragua was the number 134 economy in the world regarding the gross domestic product. According to the Economic Complexity Index, the number 109 in total exports, the number 119 in total imports, and 107 most complex economy. The top exports of Nicaragua are gold, knit T-shirts, coffee, frozen bovine meat, and insulated wire. It exports to Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, the United States, and Mexico. The top imports of the country are refined petroleum, packaged medicaments, light rubberized knitted, insulated wire, and knit t-shirts. The import is from the United States, China, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Mexico. The top export of the country is gold worth $828 million and the top destination is the United States. In 2020, Nicaragua exported a sum of $5.4 billion making it the number 109 exporter globally. eWorldTrade is one of the best b2b marketplaces in the world that provide high-quality services to businesses. The b2b platform is known for its outstanding features and functions for businesses. It provides opportunities for sellers and buyers to import and export from anywhere in the world. eWorldTrade is a popular b2b online portal that has been providing several opportunities to millions of its users to connect with the world outside their country. Nicaragua’s exporters can list their products on the platform and display their products to the world. And just like that exporters from different parts of the world can sell their products to the importers in Nicaragua. The b2b website is free to use for all users. Still, if someone wants to get the premium services to expand their visibility and to get more chances to be discovered, they can use the premium packages provided by the platform. 

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