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Peru Suppliers & Buyers

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Located in the southern part of America, Peru is known for having a huge part of the Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu, ancient city ruins in the mountains of the Andes. This country is bordered through the land with Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador, and by sea, it shares the border with Costa Rica. With an export value of 56 billion US dollars, according to economic experts, Peru stands in the 99th place on the list of the world economy. For international businesses, Peru provides some of the best opportunities to make sure to enhance their economy. For building a better connection with the manufacturers and the buyers of Peru, all can be possible easily with the eWorldTrade B2B online portal. With an export GDP of 1.23k US dollars per capita, Peru stands in the 50th rank in the economy of the world. This country mostly focuses its exports on countries like China, the United States, South Korea, Canada, and Japan. But the most valued exporting partner of Peru is China, with an exporting value of 9.91 billion US dollars calculated in recent years. And the most exported product is copper ore with a revenue of 9.23 billion US dollars. The other notable products are, Gold, Refined Copper, Petroleum Gas, Coffee, tea, spices, tin, and Animal Meal and Pellets. On the other hand, the importing products of Peru include Refined Petroleum, Broadcasting Equipment, Computers, Cars, and Crude Petroleum. These products are expected to generate an importing value of a total of 54.72 billion US dollars in the upcoming world. These products are mostly imported from trading partners such as China, the United States, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. The most revenue generated by importing products is refined petroleum, with a 2.81 billion US dollar importing value. This is 90.8% imported from the United States, but most of the importing of Peru originated from China with an importing value of 9.91 billion US dollars. With eWorldTrade, sellers and importers of Peru get access to numerous facilities. it creates a chance to connect with the global trading world and collaborate with some of the best businesses. This B2B platform is designed in a way that make connections with international buyers and sellers easy and with the most satisfying services to enhance the business’s growth.

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