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China Suppliers & Buyers

The B2B Marketplace in China – All you can find at eWorldTrade 

China is a world leader, a significant country in Asia, and the second-largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. They are also number 1 in exports and number 2 in imports. They share a border with North Korea, Russia, Pakistan by lands, and connected with Philippines by sea. China is one of the leading markets in B2B and the Chinese e-commerce market is expected to have a revenue of US$1,240,968.0 this year. This growth contributes to the worldwide growth rate of 10.4%. As it is known to be a leading B2B market and also has great annual growth making it among the 10 largest B2B e-commerce markets. The Chinese market is 1.7 times bigger than the USA market. China has a great import value for iron ore and has made up to $160.0 billion. They also have massive imports in crude oil, agricultural products, soybean, copper ore, and more. Mostly, China’s biggest import partners are Japan, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, and Germany. Over the past years, China has been a promising market in crude petroleum. E-commerce in China has been booming over the years and has a hopeful market for anyone looking to invest in it. Moreover, they run an amazing business in broadcasting equipment, integrated circuits, computers, and telephones. China is a full-fledged market and has great potential for raw materials. They have a favorable market for handbags, makeup tools, accessories, and toys. eWorldTrade is a top B2B marketplace that helps to connect buyers and sellers from around the world. The platform has been created for manufacturers and buyers to have reliable buying opportunities. The B2B portal has been working in the industry for a long time and catering to the best products of imports and exports in China. Electronics and media are one of the potential markets of China and they account for 26.2% of eCommerce revenue. eWorldTrade is allowing its clients to earn and make huge profits. At eWorldTrade, there are both parties of buyers and sellers to carry out trade. Users can easily find their desired products through the dedicated directory. B2B marketplace like eWorldTrade is a top place with massive databases to help businesses grow profits and revenues.

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