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eWorld is very good B2B platform. they are not help in generating good business leads but within 2 months we have got 3 samples from them and very professional website and google SEO.

Peter Liu

Company: Qiubei Yunrui Agro Development Co., Ltd
Designation: Sales Manager

E-World trade is a fantastic platform which helped us big time in getting connected inquiries. Our company is using other famous B2B’s as well but the quality of inquiries which we get from E-world


Company: Green Life Bio Tech Co
Designation: Owner – Green Life Bio Tech Co.


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In 2016, Albania’s exports amounted to about $2B with its top exported goods including textiles, footwear, vegetables, tobacco, fruits, metals and metallic ores, and asphalt. Albania’s top export destinations include Kosovo, Greece, Germany, China, Italy and the USA. The country imported over $4B in the same year, with the top exported goods being machinery, textiles, chemicals, and foodstuffs. Its main import partners were Germany, China, Turkey, Italy, and Greece. Most of the country’s economy is based on the agriculture, industrial sectors and service. Albania is a country rich in natural resources and several businesses indulge in it, making it one of the ideal locations for cross-border eCommerce. Albanian businesses are known for their quality and eWorldTrade-Albania is an Albanian B2B platform that gives you the chance to expand your business around the world. Albanian businesses come in all sizes, small, medium and large enterprises, it all depends on who you want to trade with. eWorldTrade-Albania is an amazing trading partner with unique features that can boost your business’s online presence and allow you to conduct trade worldwide in the smoothest, and easiest way possible. We offer features such as trade show assistance, key account managers, digital solutions and human to human (h2h).

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