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Guinea Suppliers & Buyers

Open Unbelievable B2B Business Opportunities With eWorldTrade – Find Loyal Buyers and Sellers from Guinea 

Guinea officially known as the Republic of Guinea is located in West Africa. In the past year, Guinea ranked at number 127 in the economy and their total number of exports was 82. According to the per capita range they rank at 178. Guinea is bordered by Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Mali, and Cote d’Ivoire. They have a massive market in eCommerce and are expected to show a revenue of US$8 million in the next years. Also, they have shown an increased range in their eCommerce market by about 20%. Furniture and appliances are worthy markets of Guinea with sharing 15% of revenue. Among its largest exports are gold, aluminum, non-fillet frozen fish, and crude petroleum, they have exports with China, Belgium, and Switzerland. The index of their top exporting partners is Spain at 9.7%, South Korea at 17%, Belgium at 9.2%, and France at 8.2%. Moving to their imports they are strong allies with France, India, United Arab Emirates, and significantly China. Whereas their import commodities are cars, tobacco, and rice. They accounted for 919 million USD in 2022. Guinea has shown a promising future for a B2B platform and therefore buyers and sellers hope to trade in Guinea with their manufacturers and suppliers. To fulfill, the business gap B2B online portal eWorldTrade is a top choice. They are not behind anyone in terms of import and export products because they are well equipped in everything anyone is required. We are also known as the best b2b website and it is due to the credible suppliers and buyers on the platform. Guinea has a lot of chances to grow in its market so it is ideal to associate with them in the B2B sector. Also, is a robust opportunity for small or newly launched businesses to start trading with Guinea. So, on eWorldTrade start looking for needed and demanded products to set a strong foot in the industry. The b2b platform has a flourished system that helps new users to enter their massive directory to help with the course.

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