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Saudi Arabia Suppliers & Buyers

Saudi Arabia Suppliers & Buyers

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Saudi Arabia Suppliers & Buyers

Saudi Arabia B2B Trade Directory and Marketplace of Thousands Saudi Arabian Companies, Exporters and Importers – List your company for Free

The oil-rich country, Saudi Arabia is ranked as the 25th largest exporter in the world. In 2015, Saudi Arabia imported around $167B and exported $182B of goods that resulted in a positive trade deficit of $15.6B approx. The total GDP Saudi Arabia in 2015 was estimated to be $646B with $53.5k GDP per capita. The key export commodities of Saudi Arabia include crude petroleum, refined petroleum, ethylene polymers, propylene polymers and ethers. Its key imports include cars, gold, broadcasting equipment, packaged medicaments and delivery trucks. The top export partners of Saudi Arabia are China, the United States, India, South Korea and Other Asia. The main import partners of Saudi Arabia are China, the United States, Germany, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. eWorldTrade Saudi Arabia is a B2B marketplace that is connecting sellers and servicer providers from Saudi Arabia to buyers and traders worldwide by offering them digital connectivity to trade, build relationships with popular industries in Saudi Arabia and grow exponentially. The petroleum industry of Saudi Arabia is by far one of the biggest in the world providing natural resources to all neighbouring countries and abroad. Apart from petroleum, many other industries of Saudi Arabia such as chemical and construction industry are booming and providing great investment opportunities to businesses worldwide. eWorldTrade B2B marketplace of Saudi Arabia is offering you great opportunities to connect you sellers and services providers in Saudi Arabia by going through our large database of sources so that businesses can have the right pedigree to grow rapidly.

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