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Grenada Suppliers & Buyers

A Wonderful B2B Market for Grenada – Connect With eWorldTrade to Lead the Market 

Grenada is a country that is open to foreign trade and represents 77% of the GDP according to the latest data available from the World Bank. The land shares a great economy and is a place for tourism. It serves as a leading foreign currency exchange earning sector. They also have a leading market in mace and nutmeg. Although their manufacturing is on a small scale, it includes the production of beverages, cocoa, citrus fruits, and more. Grenada is a member of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB). The council is responsible for managing monetary policy and issuing a common currency to all members of the country. Coming to their trade scales they have been number 20 in the economy in terms of total exports and imports. The country has been open to international trade from the beginning and an export ally with the USA, Saint Vincent, Trinidad, and Antigua. They are more of a service-based economy. Grenada’s most prominent commodities for exports are cardamom, toilet paper, frozen meat, and nuts. Also, their import destinations are China, the Cayman Islands, the United Kingdom, the United States, and others. Among their imports includes refining petroleum, medicaments, poultry meat, computers, and cars. So, for the buyers and sellers, eWorldTrade has been created to make trade available for everyone on a worldwide scale. Users are welcome to be a part of the online portal to help them connect with manufacturers and suppliers. The platform is designed to enter into a comprehensive directory of manufacturers and suppliers. Moreover, the platform has a free quote system that helps the clients to have an idea of costs and shipments. To manage it, they have a 24/7 operational help center that tells everything one asks about. b2b website like eWorldTrade is an asset for exporters and importers as it facilitates all kinds of B2B trading solutions. Being one of the largest B2B portals in the world, eWorldTrade is creating chances for businesses to mark a presence to start communicating from Grenada to the world.

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