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Singapore Suppliers & Buyers

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Singapore is ranked to be the 14th largest exporters in the world. In 2016, Singapore imported $259B and exported $315B of goods, resulting in a profit of $55.4B. In 2016 the total GDP of Singapore was estimated to be around $296B while GDP per capita was $87.9k. The main exports of Singapore include integrated circuits, refined petroleum, computers and semiconductor devices. Its top imports are refined petroleum, crude petroleum, gas turbines and computers. The main export destinations of Singapore include China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the United States. The top import origins are China, Malaysia, the United States, Japan and South Korea. Singapore is an amazing country with so many industries including Tourism, biomedical science, chemicals, constructions and petroleum contributing to its economic growth. (Top Singapore B2B Website) the protagonist in bringing together b2b suppliers, buyers, wholesalers, distributors and traders in Singapore and around the world by providing effective trade solutions and growth opportunities. eWorldTrade is assisting businesses to make the most of our amazing business development features, comprehensive database and digital connectivity for huge growth and profit for Singaporean companies’ businesses.

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