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Greece Suppliers & Buyers

Greece’s Super B2B Platform- Where Manufacturing And Importing Leads Towards Balance Trade

Greece is located in southeastern Europe, which is completely occupied by islands throughout the Ionian Sea. It was earlier in ancient times known as the cradle of western civilization; the capital of Greece is Athens where ample landmarks are inclined since the 5th century. The Parthenon temple is also one of the famous structures, Greece is also renowned due its beaches. Greece’s total export is approximately USD 35,070,461.61. Currently, the GDP of Greece is 189,410,106,620.02 overall services which include export products are 31.89% with import GDP is 39.44%. Greece’s main exports are petroleum products which cover 29% of the total exports, followed by aluminum (5%), medications (4%), dry and fresh fruits (3%), and all the fishery products are almost up to (2%). Greece’s export or trade partners are mainly Italy which consumes 11% of the entire exports, Germany and Turkey fall under (7%) and lastly Bulgaria which covers up to (5%).  Greece’s main import products include industrial appliances. The main providence of leads is through crude oil which is about 21.9% of the total of 13.8B continued with refined oil ($4.24B), and petroleum gas about $1.19B. The main regions of imports are Italy, Iraq, and China. Greece is known as an industrialization-based country where the entire procedure ends up providing the finest products which can be easily implemented by the target population. eWorldTrade provides opportunities to maximize the reach, eWorldTrade - Greece is the main B2B platform across the world, associating ample countries’ suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers within one platform. An easier way to execute the strategies of obtaining the potential traffic towards the products. eWorldTrade’s availability of offering assistance through the wide directory of B2 manufacturers and suppliers, directing towards ease in trading worldwide. With our providence of the B2B portal, any business idea can take a huge turnover and maximize traffic. The opportunity is provided by eWorldTrade for generating legitimate sources for balance trading through featured manufacturers and suppliers along with the complete analysis. 

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