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Croatia Suppliers & Buyers

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Geographically diversified, Croatia is known for its beautiful islands, traditions, and rich cultural background. It has developed its connections with more than 185 countries and become a member of the European Union, United Nations, and other major organizations. It acquired much acknowledgment after becoming a member of the United Nation hence, it aims to strengthen its relations with leading countries and organizations for the betterment of the country’s economical and geographical benefits. It mostly exports machinery, textiles, chemicals, and mineral fuel and is considered to be its number one export which brought millions of dollars with an estimate of $750M to the country’s pocket. The total number of exports made in 2021 was $35.35B an increase of 47.31% in 2021. A total of $695m was made from exporting packaged medicament. Croatia has ranked among the 75 leading economies worldwide and 27th among major European countries. Its GDP progressed by 5.2% in the year 2022. It exports to major countries like Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Italy. On the contrary, it imports, transports, machinery, electrical equipment, and lubricants from countries namely Austria, Netherlands, China, and France. Business in Croatia has made its way through b2b platform like eWorldTrade which has brought prosperity to the business in remarkable aspects. Since they joined hands with them as it is a well-known, trusted, and huge platform allowing businesses to get in power with other major businesses worldwide. The whole new world of business has altered the way it was known before having a b2b website like eWorldTrade. Croatia has marked its existence in e-commerce as the 76th largest market with an estimated generated revenue of $1489M with a promising increase each year in the upcoming years. It has made large profits in the industries, such as electronics and media followed by fashion, food, and personal care. Croatia has become a leading country that has advanced its businesses in e-commerce, buyers, and sellers on this b2b online portal can find major businesses dealing in items of numerous kinds.

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