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Burundi Suppliers & Buyers

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The Republic of Burundi is located between the African great lakes region and eastern Africa, it is a landlocked country in the Great Rift Valley. Although this country is one of the few countries in Africa that shares international borders just by land, with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. According to the collected data by economic experts, the GDP of Burundi is $2.87 billion and is ranked 75th on the list of world economies. The government of Burundi and the local businesses are adopting trending solutions of trading by shifting their businesses to the online B2B platform. The B2B marketplace like eWorldTrade is assisting not only the manufacturers but also the buyers to avail the services by connecting with the best wholesalers. The economy of Burundi is continuously increasing and the GDP is forecasted to be increased up to 48.7%, which is $5.5 billion in total. When it comes to the exporting of Burundi, this country is in partnership with countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, and Tanzania for exporting. Some of the major exporting products are gold, coffee, rolled tobacco, and coated flat-rolled iron. But 41.3% of the export is covered by gold with an exporting revenue of $90.5 million. And with $147 million, the United Arab Emirates is at the top of the list for the export destination of Burundi. With $147 million, China is the origin for most of the imports of Burundi, other notable importers are Saudi Arabia, India, Tanzania, and the United Arab Emirates. The main importing products are refined petroleum, packaged medicaments, phosphatic fertilizers, raw sugar, and cars. All of these products are listed in the vast category of B2B online portal like eWorldTrade, which can be helpful for Burundi sellers to list their businesses and products to reach the global market of trading.

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