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Argentina Suppliers & Buyers

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Argentina Suppliers & Buyers

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Argentina is located in South America and is the 8th largest country in the world. It is a developing country rich in history and culture. The country shares its western border with Chile and the eastern border with the Atlantic Ocean. In the northwest of the country lies Bolivia and shares its northern border with Paraguay. The GDP of Argentina was recorded to be 487.2 Billion USD in the year 2021, and is estimated to grow to 495.03 Billion USD in the next few years. The experts predicted the growth of the Argentinian GDP to 514.52 Billion USD  for the upcoming years. After the Covid-19 pandemic Argentinian e-commerce industry and B2B platform has gained a great recognition.  Argentina has the world’s 34th largest e-commerce industry and is expected to provide revenue of around 10095.7 Million USD in the upcoming years. The Argentinian e-commerce industry has contributed to the worldwide e-commerce growth rate of 10.4% in the year 2023. The furniture and appliances industry is the largest contributor to the country’s e-commerce industry and is responsible for 29.3% of the e-commerce revenue. The fashion industry contributed 21.9%, and the food and personal care industry with 13.5% of the revenue. Argentina’s main exports include maize, oil cake, and other solid residues, soy-bean oil and soya beans, motor vehicles, and wheat. On the other hand, the country’s main imports include auto parts. Moreover, accessories, petroleum gas and other gaseous hydrocarbons, soya beans, petroleum gas, and telephone sets. Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, China, India,  USA and Germany are the main trading partners in Argentina for both imports and exports. To trade with the top Argentinian traders, buyers, sellers, and manufacturers you need the best B2B marketplace. We at eWorldTrade are providing you with an amazing B2B website that will allow you to trade with Argentinian business individuals. 

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