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Indonesia Suppliers & Buyers

Top Indonesian B2B Marketplace - A Favorable Potential of B2B Industry in Indonesia

Indonesia is a transcontinental country that expanded between the southeastern part of Asia and the West part of Oceania. Undoubtedly, Indonesia is a beautiful country having beautiful beaches, islands, and mountains which are the focus of the attention of tourists. Indonesia is the 14th largest country in terms of area. It is the most populous country with a Muslim majority. It has the 13th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. Indonesia is expected to have a GDP of 1243 Billion USD by the upcoming years. Indonesia has a huge potential for B2B marketplaces and online businesses. The Indonesian B2B marketplace has been estimated to grow as big as 21.3 Billion USD by the end of the year 2023, which is an enormous number and is a green signal for business individuals, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. It has been recorded that the Indonesian economy is one of the largest economies in the whole Southeast Asia, and the country’s growing GDP is proving that it is the safest time to enter the Indonesian market. Indonesia is rich in natural resources, which include crude oil, tin, copper, gold, and natural gas.

The main exports of the country are recorded to be oil, gas, gold, plywood, textile, rubber, and electrical appliances and have been exported to Japan, China, the United States of America, Singapore, and India. The top imports of the country are refined petroleum, crude oil, telephones, planes, helicopters, space crafts, and petroleum. The importing countries are China, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and the United States. In the year 2020, Indonesia was the top importer of Steam Turbines, Military Weapons, boiler plants, human hair, and steam boilers. eWorldTrade is an online B2B platform offering traders and businesses of every size a trustworthy and credible platform for business individuals, importers, and exporters to start a successful B2B business. eWorldTrade opens the doors of millions of opportunities for businesses to excel in the B2B marketplace. We at eWorldTrade are providing a platform for the wholesalers, buyers, manufacturers, and sellers of Indonesia to explore the new potential B2B market and expand their businesses.

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