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Dubai 2017
About eWorldTrade is one of the fastest growing online wholesale B2B marketplace place with innovative features specially developed for traders to reach global level and set new milestones. To achieve our mission we provide all the necessary functionalities to buyers and sellers that help them in developing the voice of their business and to expand worldwide. We have engineered our portal to be highly user-friendly allowing buyers to connect with sellers quickly. eWorldTrade entered the market with a passion to address business to business market challenges with the commitment to provide traders satisfaction by all possible means and provide them a ground for fast, reliable and transparent trading.

Through years of experience we have integrated smart ways to connect buyers and sellers across the globe over a comprehensive digital trading platform. encourages traders from all over the world to be the part of an exciting B2B portal packed with incredible features making the connectivity of genuine buyers with wonderful sellers on a transparent B2B platform with guaranteed profitability and business expansion opportunities for both parties.

How can eWorldTrade Help Your Business Meet Unparalleled Highs eWorldTrade is not just an ordinary B2B website that promotes safe trading, but it is based on an effective principle that is aimed to develop businesses for its partners to let them get maximum profitability and unstoppable growth with good business exposure. We love to provide and design most effective and cost friendly one-stop solution packages for your business growth. We have designed our marketplace for anyone to buy and sell products in bulk quantities and ensuring secure, fast and versatile payment methods. By empowering millions of people to trade globally eWorldTrade is setting new standards of catering fierce B2B marketplace challenges and providing a golden opportunity to every entrepreneur to turn their dreams into reality.

Don’t Miss out to Know What Makes Us “eWorldTrade” We are the only B2B marketplace that guarantees buyers and profitability as we have shaped innovative strategies for smart trading. To make the overall trading process authentic our associates constantly verifies seller identities, offerings and physical existence through an automated process. As an intelligent business platform we constantly look forward to enhance our services to help businesses earn more and unveil new market expansion opportunities. Through our seamless model buyers can explore millions of products at wholesale prices offered by verified and trusted suppliers. We are intended to provide services to every members that have never been delivered by any B2B marketplace by ensuring authentic, quality driven and business boosting mechanism worldwide. Our B2B platform is shaped for every stakeholder to enjoy win-win marketplace that only guarantees unsurpassed services but assure quality standards for long lasting business relationships. To make sure that everyone across every region enjoy our services and develop their own brands with our extensive digital marketing service. To further help wholesale buyers and suppliers we have created country exclusive portal especially for China, USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, UAE, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Hungary, Singapore, Morocco.

Choose what Suites Best For You! We understand that every business is unique and requires specific strategies for reaching milestones of success. We have crafted different packages offering unique features, E-Gold, E-Platinum, E-Platinum Plus and E-exclusive are packed with requirement based feature to serve each member according to his goals.

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Success Stories

  • We have used conventional B2B platforms previously, like Alibaba, Tradekey etc. But the buyers that we get from these platforms are not the buyers that the Manufacturer like us would be looking for. We realized that our products do not require the conventional B2Bs but we require the Business Development activities to get in touch with the big Brands or Retail Chains, which is not possible without eWorldTrade as they are providing human intensive services. The effect of this service is much better than any B2B.

    Damien Pan

    Damien Pan Sales Manager

  • I used first time eWorldTrade for my products promotion and found it out highly potential B2B where I explore my business Globally with qualified users.

    Cindy Li

    Cindy Li Sales Manager

  • Zhaolong Cable Company is established in 1993 is a state high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D and manufacturing photoelectric information. We have use serval B2B companies in past years but our problem was buyer leave the inquiry but not ...


    Aileen Overseas Sales Manager

  • eWorld is very good B2B platform. they are not help in generating good business leads but within 2 months we have got 3 samples from them and very professional website and google SEO.

    Peter Liu

    Peter Liu Sales Manager

  • We’re now using eWorldTrade B2B platform and it has been good so far. They proactively found and recommended suitable businesses for us and updated the buyers’ information in time. Feedback from my colleagues was good and we also enjoy cooperating with them. Moreover, the price is favorable.

    Halen Cadli

    Halen Cadli Director

  • E-World trade is a great platform which helped us big time in getting connected inquiries. Our company is using other famous B2B’s as well but the quality of inquiries which we get from E-world are by far the finest.

    Peter Wang

    Peter Wang Sales Manager

  • The business with eWorld is unquestionably advanced than all other platforms. Their services are more Human-2-Human which makes B2B services better than anyone, their buyer consultants are highly professional, dedicated and work according to your requirement. I’m glad that I trusted them for my Website, SEO and Buyer Consultancy service and I will highly recommend it!

    Jo Xu

    Jo Xu Sales Manager

  • I will recommend my industrial friends to avail E-trade services if you really want your business to grow. They will amaze you with the audience they can reach globally. I sell dairy products to different countries and enjoy being a Gold member of E-World trade. I just love them totally.

    Lily Li

    Lily Li Sales Manager

  • We’ve been using eWorldTrade eExclusive membership, their service was good indeed and professional as well. We’ve made a deal successfully. I believed we’ll get more orders through this platform.

    Tina Ren

    Tina Ren Branch Manager

  • I have experienced the services of eWorldTrade and found to have a great potential and relevant buyers to promote my business. Their consultancy is professional with having superb international trade knowledge, experience and real connected buyers. I wish eWorldTrade good luck in future to provide these services as much as B2B industry is in need.

    Ms. Nancy

    Ms. Nancy Sales Manager

  • eWorldTrade service is good, although we haven’t made a deal. But in terms of the ability to find potential buyers, the email marketing feedback was good.

    Karl Xie

    Karl Xie Business Development Manager

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