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Sweden Suppliers & Buyers

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Sweden is known to be a Scandinavian nation, occupied with ample coastal islands and lakes. Sweden also contains forests and mountains, the capital is Stockholm. The construction of an old medieval town, mostly associated with royal places and historical museums. As per Sweden’s import data for 2020, the approximate value is $150 Billion, the most imported product by Sweden mainly is Industrial machinery according to data retained in 2019, Sweden was known to be in the 31st position amongst the importing countries across the globe. The remaining evaluation is completely based on the data provided highlighting the shipments, in 2020 industrial machinery shared approximately 13.6% or $20.5 billion. Therefore, compared to electronics products which pertain to approximately 13.4 or $20.1 billion, mineral fuels and along with oil consist of 7.7% of the share of other articles such as plastics consume 3.7%. The rapid demand for such products highlights the share of Sweden’s trading partners; the highest partner since 2017 is Germany (18.2%) and after that Netherlands with a share of about 14.7 billion. Secondly, 9.9% when compared to Norway stats share of about 9% lastly Denmark being $10.2 billion total imports. On the other hand, the export of Sweden in the year 2021 was recorded as the highest rate for motor cars or transportation. It also includes station wagons covering the share of about 6.61% or $12.5 billion. Another best share is for petroleum oil, minerals which approximately pertains 4.88% or $9.26 billion. The top export destinations for Sweden are Norway being the biggest share of 10.6%, compared to Germany (19.4%), the USA ($ 15.3 billion), China, France and Poland consume in the range of $7.23-7.83 billion. The rapid usage of industrial machinery and motor cars has marked Sweden top importer and exporter across the region. eWorldTrade is one of the fast rate B2B online portals across the globe where being in touch with in-demand manufacturers and suppliers are comparatively manageable. eWorldTrade provides multiple opportunities which cater to all the domains under sufficient sources, with emphasized details. 

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