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Colombia Suppliers & Buyers

Largest B2B Marketplace For Businesses In Colombia To Flourish Through eWorldTrade 

Colombia is a country situated in South America near Nicaragua’s coast. It is famous for the sea of seven color beaches and home to the river of five colors. It is a famous tourist destination considering how diverse its culture is with modern and well-structured infrastructure. It is the most biodiverse nation after Brazil with the highest number of species. Strong economic strategies have boosted the economy. It is the source of the leading emeralds and the world’s third-largest coffee exporter after Brazil and Vietnam. 70 to 90% of the world’s emeralds come from Colombia making it the number one exporter of emeralds. Flower exportation is another key factor for Colombia’s prosperous and rising economy. Around 4 billion roses are imported from Colombia annually by the United States. Not just roses but more than 4,000 species of orchids are found. It is a tropical country and a paradise for fruit lovers as it has more than 30+ kinds of exotic fruits. Colombia has around $32.2B of exports focusing on crude petroleum ($7.46b) coal briquettes ($4.13b) gold ($2.34b) coffee ($2.54b) exporting mostly to China ($2.8b) Ecuador ($1.51b) the United State ($9.55b). It also imports a large number of motor vehicles ($1.47b) and becomes the largest importer of cars in the world ranking.  E-commerce in Colombia soared through the years. Colombia adopted the technological world which brought a dramatic change in the country’s economy as a result. According to (CCCE) Colombian e-commerce made 10,000 million dollars in sales in 2021 which increased the growth as compared to 2020. With over 500,000 registered users eWorldTrade has been a wonderful b2b website for companies, and businesses in Colombia that have progressively earned through this b2b platform. The fact that it connects them with suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, buyers, and sellers all around the globe. eWorldTrade Colombia will help businesses elevate their sales. By choosing eWorldTrade as a b2b marketplace they can list millions of products on this b2b online portal without even paying for it. It is completely free to become a user of eWorldTrade.

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