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Hungary Suppliers & Buyers

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Hungary Suppliers & Buyers

eWorldTrade- A Golden Chance to Meet Global Buyers & Sellers From Hungary 

Hungary is a beautiful country situated in Central Europe. It is part of the European Union and is bordered by Slovakia to the North, Ukraine to the Northeast, Romania to the East and the Southeast, Serbia to the South, Croatia, and Slovenia to the Southwest, and Austria to the west. According to 2022 research, the Hungary eCommerce sales totaled $251.7 billion, with more than 90.5 % of internet users. Therefore, in terms of the eCommerce market, Hungary is ranked as the 51st largest eCommerce marketplace, with a projected revenue of US$4,750.0 million by 2023. Although the compound annual growth rate of Hungary during 2023-2027 will be 12.8%, that will give rise to a market volume of US$7,401.7 million by 2027. The major export products of Hungary include cars, motor vehicles parts and accessories, video displays, and spark ignition engines. These export products have been exported to Germany, Romania, Italy, Slovakia, and France. Whereas the top imports of Hungary are integrated circuits, packaged medicaments, and broadcasting equipment to countries mostly from Germany, China, Poland, Czechia, and Austria. According to the global trading analysis, Hungary’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is expected to hit 185.12 USD billion by next year. eWorldTrade is positioned as a leading b2b platform in Hungary, to explore buyers, sellers, suppliers, wholesalers, traders, and retailers from all around the world. Hungarians looking for a platform to expand their reach can join eWorldTrade. As the platform’s rapid growth and technological advancements allow customers to communicate easily, explore millions of products, and connect with brands from all over the world. Overseas e-commerce has never been easier for businesses, but eWorldTrade has brought the biggest platform where you can make the process convenient. It is the most trusted b2b platform in Europe, where all the necessary functionalities are provided to the buyers and sellers that support them to enlarge their brand’s reach globally. Getting in touch with the largest platform can surely assist  in achieving long-term business goals.

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