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eWorldtrade for your Amazon

eWorldtrade is a comprehensive B2B marketplace, possessing years of expertise in digital media and technological service.

eWorldtrade has merged its years of B2B experience with B2C Amazon FBA Consultancy, to help its esteemed members grow exponentially in 360 degrees.

Our 6+ Years of expertise in Social Media Marketing, Business Development, Seller Management, Client Satisfaction, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Services Management and Global Communication gives our members a UNIQUE ADVANTAGE.

In All in Bundle 2020 promotion, eWorldtrade has decided to offer Amazon Services at extremely low rates, so you can make your NEW YEAR highly successful.

How to Start

Three Simple Steps To Get Started


Submit Requirements

Submit the products information that you are willing to sell on to get a detailed analysis about the potential of those products on


Get Analysis & Proposal

A detailed analysis report to help you make accurate decision about your business at along with a proposal offering only relevant services.


Select Service & Get Started

Select the service of your need and get assistance at every step of the process to save you from any hassles that one may face while setting up / managing a store-front at

Strategy for your brand

Do You Wish To Know

  • The Strategy to become a Dominant Amazon Seller?
  • A Plan to Generate SIX figures USD monthly revenue on
  • Why and how majority of the MANUFACTURERS are jumping into B2C Amazon Business?
  • Why do you need eWorldtrade to Build and Run your Amazon business to sell Globally?
  • How much your brand can grow on Amazon within 6 to 12 months?
Amazon FBA Services

eWorldtrade Dominancy as Amazon FBA Services

We have a team of Skilled Amazon Strategists who are dedicated to their specified jobs under following departments.

  • Make analysis report of your product(s)
  • Research on top 10 competitors who’re selling well on Amazon
  • Research on competitor’s Monthly Profit and Revenue
  • Top 10 platinum keywords research to Optimize to boost ranking
  • Competition on each product you will face on Amazon (Reviews, Dominancy etc)
  • Filter out 1 or 2 ideal products to start with
  • Create unique Listings of the product(s)
  • Optimize platinum keywords in Tittle, Description, Bullets, Subject matter
  • Backend Optimization
  • Create and Merge Listing variations
  • Add product Videos in the Product listing
  • Create A+ content of your product page on Amazon
  • Create Pay per click (PPC) Sponsored campaigns
  • Create Digital and promotional Vouchers & coupons
  • Bring positive feedbacks to your listing using giveaways
  • Manychat bot campaigns for BSR ranking
  • Price strategy to increase sales velocity for fast ranking
  • Open a case to take authorization from Amazon to start selling
  • If the product is gated (restricted) communicate with Amazon to get approval
  • Open a case for brand registry
  • Amazon refund and return claims handling
  • Handle other claims and cases i.e Documentation, License etc.
  • Customer Support.
  • Resolve customer concerns timely to improve account health

Security of your Personal Information as a Brand Owner

eWorldtrade never asks for your Amazon Seller Central LOGIN credentials. When you initially ask us to setup your Seller Central account, we will do it by using your own computer (using remote desktop) and after setting it up only you can access the account tools and features. From settings options you can provide access to others – such as employees, co-owners, or contractors. To invite new users:

  • Under Settings, click User Permissions
  • Enter the contact information for the new user and click Send invitation
  • Repeat for all new users you want to add.
  • Have your new users follow the instructions in the email.

e-Amazon Service Pack Membership

eWorldtrade’s objective is to provide a full fledge business solution to you at minimal cost, Amazon has become the most powerful platform in the ecommerce industry. Integrate your business with Amazon using most suitable membership of eWorldtrade and see the magic


1ST MONTH SERVICE Amazon account setup + Product & Competitor research



  • Setup Amazon Account
  • Amazon Case handling
  • Ungating the Category
  • Product Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Competition Forecast
  • Monthly Revenue Idea
  • Keyword Research
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Amazon Shipment Guide


6 MONTHS SERVICE Complete consultancy inc. 1st page Ranking



  • A+ Content creation
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Digital and promotional Coupons
  • Manychat Bot Flows
  • Giveaways
  • Brand Registry
  • Refund/ Return handling
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Account health management
  • Account reinstate


1 YEAR SERVICE Complete consultancy, Ranking and Account growth



  • Complete growth Analysis
  • Launching new Products
  • Profitability index
  • Ranking all new launches
  • Capture Niche dominancy
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Business expand strategy


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