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Agriculture is one of the oldest economic areas of humanity. Today, the agricultural area is 48,827,330 km² or 9.6% of the earth's surface. Thus, one-third of the approximately land area of the earth used for agriculture. The agriculture is directly and indirectly of food production. In the latter case, the production of raw materials is carried out for further processing in the food industry and the food industry (for example, further processing of grain to flour for the broth production). At the same time, agricultural raw materials (including fiber plants such as cotton and linen) are also refined in the clothing industry. eWorldTrade has always been a perfect place for all the buyers in the world to get the best of everything.

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Currently the platform is offering- Fertilizer spreader: a spreader for dosed and uniform application of granular fertilizer on agricultural lands such as fields or meadows. Fertilizer spreaders are built as a trailer, as a trailer or as a self-propelled vehicle. The drive is usually carried out via a power take-off (PTO) of the tractor or carrier vehicle, but there are also fertilizer spreaders with a drive through electric motors, hydraulic motors or floor drive via the wheels of the device; Thresher: an agricultural equipment for threshing of grain crops, particularly cereals. Today, threshing machines are no longer used in the professional field; they were replaced by combine harvesters in Germany in the 1950s to 1960s. There were stationary and mobile threshing machines. The threshing machines were first driven by horses' heads or steam engines, later mostly by electric motors, stationary combustion engines or tractors. But there were also small threshing machines for manual operation. Another important machinery is the Cultivators also called a single-axle tractor is an agricultural machine for soil and grassland cultivation as well as transport tasks or land and path maintenance. A single-axle tractor has only two wheels driven by a gasoline or diesel engine using a mechanical transmission or hydrostatically and is steered by the operator, which is usually behind the engine. For the easier steering of the tractor, differentials, as well as single wheel clutches and brakes, can be installed.