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Amoxicillin Soluble Powder (10%)

  • Origin: China
  • Supply Type: oem service
  • Processing Time: Shipped in 5 days after payment
  • Min Order: 1

Supplier Info.

  • Employees Total Over 1000
  • Annual Revenue


1. There is a good therapeutic effect on tubal inflammation caused by bacteria and viruses.

2. Special effects on the salpingitis caused by the secondary e. coli or enteritis caused by viral diseases.

3. Can significantly restore the egg shell to normal color and increase the egg production rate.


This product is mainly use for the sensitive gram-positive cocci and gram-negative bacterial infection of amoxicillin. For the secondary infection of virus disease and its complications this product has certain therapeutic effect, such as a variety of viral disease caused by salpingitis, enteritis and disease rate is low, in the late misshapen eggs, soft shell egg; It has special effects on clinical expression of poor quality of eggshell, light color, soft shell egg, sand egg, small egg, bloody egg, and fecal egg.

Directions for use

1. Laying hens should promptly anti-inflammatory when blood stained eggs appear in 20%-30% numbers of eggs. It is recommended that 1000 chickens/bags take 4 days in conjunction with "Premix Vitamins for Livestock and Poultry V2" 1000kg of water/bag.

2. When shell eggs, soft shell eggs, and sand preserved eggs appear during the recovery period after illness, it is recommended that 1000 chickens/bags take 4 days in conjunction with "Premix Vitamins for Livestock and Poultry V1" 1000 chickens/bags for 4 consecutive days. "Astragalus&Paeonies powder herbal extraction" 500kg feed/bags and take 8-10 days to quickly restore egg production and improve eggshell quality.

Usage and Dosage

Based on this product, oral: For chicken, every 1kg of body weight use 0.2-0.3g product, 2 times a day, take 5 days

Mixed drink: For Chicken, every 1L water mix with 0.6g product (300L water/bottle). take 3-5 days.

Withdrawal Period

Chickens 7 Days; It's forbidden to use during the laying egg period

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