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Nail Dust collector SM1811-T

  • Origin: South Korea
  • Supply Type: oem service
  • Processing Time: 15 to 30 Days
  • Min Order: 20

Quick Details

Size 100mm(H) x 234mm(L) x 189mm(W)
Weight 2280g
Color Silver

Supplier Info.

  • Company Name GobizKorea
  • Membership:Platinum
  • Business Type: Business Service (Transportation, finance, travel, Ads, etc)
  • Employees Total 11-50
  • Annual Revenue
Nail Dust collector
Model No. SM1811-T
Brand Name: ZephyrosWeight: Approx. 2280gHeight: 100mmLength: 234mmWidth: 189mmOrigin: Korea
Zephyros Dust Collector -Table Insert - is manufactured to fit in your own table without replacing it.This Nail Dust Collector (Dust Catcher) is the world's first disposable out filter type.
Advantages01. ConvenientUnlike a portable dust collector, this product is inserted in the table. So, you just need to mount the filter upon use without putting it on to use and putting it down when not using.02. The product can be inserted into any nail tableThe product can be easily inserted into various nail tables of nail salons with the size of 189*100*234mm (W*H*D) and can be installed onto almost all nail table with 18-44mm thickness by adjusting the bracket. In addition, Zephyros wide suctioning inlet enhances the convenience and efficiency of the nail care of the technician.03. You can reduce the cost purchasing a nail table with a built-in dust collector.It cost a lot to buy a nail table with a built-in dust collector.However, the Zephyros Dust Collector - Flush Mount - uses the original nail table, thus reducing the cost to replace the table.04. FilterBecause conventional filters shall be dusted to reuse, a lot of dust are generated during the cleaning process.Zephyros uses a disposable filter which you don't have to dust. In addition, collector capacity is not reduced due to a clogged filter.05. ConvenienceThe filter is mounted outside, making the filter replacement very convenient after the nail care.Fold the product and discard it after the gel off.06. PerformanceThe Blower Fan of maximum 4,600rpm (Round per Minute) has superb dust collecting capacity. It never causes a backflow and maintains the initial duct collecting capacity.07. Output ControlDuring the nail care, the output can be controlled appropriately depending on the situation.Output Strength can be controlled to fit the style of a technician and type of nail care.08. HygieneThe use of disposable filters leads to the customer confidence on hygiene.09. Filter FunctionThe product uses the filter which has passed the test by the Nelson Industries, Inc., the US research institute for filters, and is certified to block 99.9% of fine dust and 99.8% of bacteria.10. CleaningDust may get into the dust collector while using Zephyros products. You can simply unscrew the two screws on both sides of the suctioning inlet, and remove the inlet to clean the inside.
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