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Bedstead to be specifically designed  for Elderly Persons with Severe Disabilities with the following features : 

1.	Bed should be made up of strong and precise steel tubular framework.

2.	Three section mattress base of galvanized sheet with ventilation holes.

3.	Provided with appropriate cranking mechanism to ensure the various movements for :

a)	Trendelenberg/reverse Trendelenberg at ± 15°;

b)	Elevation of backrest;

c)	Height adjustments; and 

d)	Gas pump system is not recommended and will not be considered

4.	Detachable or collapsible side rails on both sides and made up of stainless steel and rubber buffers to absorb shock.

5.	At least one detachable stainless steel transfusion/drip rods to be provided in bed frame.

6.	Load capacity of minimum 150 kg.

7.	Mounted on four heavy duty anti-static wheel castors (all four wheels to be provided with brake & swivel attachment) – approximate diameter : 125 mm.

8.	Good epoxy-coated white finish.

9.	To be provided with appropriate impermeable mattress.

10.	Warranty – one year

Complete cranking mechanism must be made up of stainless steel with no plastic parts for long lasting use and to facilitate easy movement of beds.

Approximate dimension of the bed to be as follows :

	Length	  :	2050 mm

	Width	  : 	900 mm

	Seat Height	  :	Adjustable from 450 mm to 850 mm

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