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07 Feb, 2021


Contact us Mobile: +234 7087065680 phone : +234 8050325488 Email : Our main aim is to ensure that all African youth live a life of their dreams and expectations. Making money, being wealthy, strong, famous, protected, healthy and living a luxurious life of your choice is not easy, that is why we are here for you. The great Ebuta Show More...

Contact us Mobile: +234 7087065680 phone : +234 8050325488 Email : Our main aim is to ensure that all African youth live a life of their dreams and expectations. Making money, being wealthy, strong, famous, protected, healthy and living a luxurious life of your choice is not easy, that is why we are here for you. The great Ebutalium Brotherhood Occult does not request any human being sacrifice and does not ask for your money, all the brotherhood needs is your determination to become a member and make the family to grow and last from generation to generation that as we benefit from this great opportunity, that our generation will also benefit from it. We all know that there is no life when you suffered all your day till death, living like a lion for a day is better than living like a goat forever, take this great advantage and make your life a happy one. Are you a politician, celebrity, business man, musician, footballer, pastor etc and you want to be great and get to the world class where your rivals are, you don’t need to fold your hands, to become a member of the Ebutalium occult society contact us now. Why suffer in poverty when you can join Ebutalium secret occult and become millionaire instantly, why searching for power at the wrong place? When there is a greatest of all in universe, Ebutalium Secret Society is the best occult group in the whole world. MAGIC: UNLOCKING OUR ANCESTRAL POWER There’s something so mesmerizing about the idea of being able to say an incantation that can get someone to tell the truth or to see into the future. Can you imagine? Well, it turns out that Black folks come from a rich history of tapping into the supernatural, but there’s never really been much attention given to this idea in the Black mainstream. Think about it. If you’re a millennial like us, you grew up with Charmed, The Craft, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and reruns of Bewitched and I Dream of Genie in constant syndication. These were shows with no shortage of white women who could access other-worldly forces. So, why the lack of Black magic? Not the evil kind, but the lack of Black people at play in the realm of the supernatural. With Halloween right around the corner and anti-Black sentiment in the air, it was important to add some resistance to the status quo, and discover a bit more about Black people’s gloriously magical past. “Every ritual is to help you connect to the ancestors — like vodou, activating your ancestral memory. Yoruba — you are working with ancestors all the the time to have them guide you through life. This allows us to move forward.” – Dalian Adofo Dalian Adofo is a documentary film-maker and co-founder of Ancestral voice, a UK-based educational organization that “provides a range of educational resources that covers the gamut of African spiritual cosmologies, philosophies and practices.” He’s spent seven years talking to traditional healers, spiritual workers and academic scholars throughout Africa and the Black Atlantic diaspora. Adolfo says the aim of Ancestral Voices is “to dispel the falsehoods propagated against these systems via colonial imposition, whose legacy still impacts it today.” Adofo believes that colonial propaganda has laid a foundation of resentment towards African spirituality, “shrouding it in mystique, fear and negativity, rather than presenting its ideologies in an accurate and objective light.” The European imperialist agenda, and the birth of Christianity, powered the deconstruction of traditional African practices. What better way to control people than to disconnect them from their source of power? Adofo points to the Haitian Revolution as a display of ancestral power: “No one is entirely powerless. Africans found themselves in the middle of the worst treatment in Haiti. Using Vodou and physics, they were able to fight.” It’s all about having access to the systems. In fact, Adolfo believes that some of the world’s highest seats of authority have access to our ancestral knowledge and power and preach a new religion (Christianity) to control the people. There is a heavy sense of irony that often escapes people of African heritage raised on Christianity, who were taught to “turn the other cheek” and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” in the face of the most extreme anti-humane systems of oppression this world has ever known. To this day, the powerful people that use the Bible to set their agendas, continuously contradict the “good” book’s principles. Separation from home, family, and language are all an effort to strip power. Replacing the original, now-erased systems of tradition with pseudo-religion is a reprogramming that attacks the Black psyche with images of a white savior. Anything good in Western society has been offered up in white-face. Webster’s dictionary defines “white” as free from moral impurity, not intended to cause harm, and innocent. “Black” is defined as thoroughly sinister or evil, indicative of condemnation or discredit and characterized by hostility or angry discontent. With the Bible offered up as the world’s most popular book of magic, the greatest example of acceptable power comes from a man portrayed as Caucasian and blue-eyed. Additionally, much of America’s legal and cultural history has seen pro-white propaganda matched by anti-African sentiment. Black people in the US have been overexposed to the sad, solemn images of Africa. Anything associated with the continent has been discredited and vilified, including our ancient practices. “People believe what you tell them without doing research,” says Lamar James who practices Ifa, Santeria, and Christianity. Like many people of African descent, James has found comfort in remixing his spiritual foundation by taking aspects of various faith systems and using what works for him. The Ifa spiritual system is derived from the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Santeria also has its roots in Yoruba culture. For many Afro-Cubans, there exists a duality in which they practice Catholicism publicly, and Santeria privately. At the heart of Ifa and Santeria are the Orishas, the deities of the religion whom are revered and known for their specific characteristics. Thanks to Beyonce, many of us now know a little something about Yoruba deities like Osun. “We used ancestors to progress in life. When we went away from that…look at us globally. Look at where we are. You lose your power. We’ve been indoctrinated into believing that talking to our ancestors is evil. You can’t tell me talking to my deceased father is evil. I talk to my dad everyday. I cook for my ancestors. I give them food, drink.” – Keka Araujo, a Lucumi and Palo Mayombe practitioner A huge part of many African traditional religions is the remembrance, celebration and guidance of ancestors. Keka Araujo has been initiated in both Lucumi and Palo Mayombe, and says that in order to practice Palo Mayombe, one must have lineage to the Congo. “Palo Mayombe is not a religion you find. It finds you.” Araujo states that once she was initiated into the faith, she did a DNA test, and discovered 43% of her ancestry was from the Congo. Like many African religions, Palo Mayombe is nature-based, with deities found in nature, and given human attributes to make them more relatable and understandable. Just like Abrahamic religions, Palo Mayombe follows a code and set of rules, with one of its most important aspects the need to remember and respect one’s ancestors. Araujo believes by forgetting the ancient practice of speaking to ancestors, Black people have essentially lost our way. “We used our ancestors to progress in life. When we went away from that…look at us globally. Look at where we are. You lose your power. We’ve been indoctrinated into believing that talking to our ancestors is evil. You can’t tell me talking to my deceased father is evil. I talk to my dad everyday. I cook for my ancestors. I give them food, drink. Your ancestors only die when you stop speaking their name. They’re never dead. Black people globally, if we only knew the power we have through our ancestors…” Araujo also believes there are dark forces and evil spirits, stating simply that there are people who use dark forces to gain a result and that she doesn’t deal with them. In the minds of many Westernized Black people, there’s no fighting back, with or against the supernatural. We lack a curiosity of things that are outside the scope of what we understand God to be. Historically, Black folks have had a hard time embracing power, having been without it for so long. It’s no wonder many of us avoid Halloween and “dark magic”. In fact, many Black millennials have never been allowed to celebrate Halloween, and instead participated in Church festivities like “Hallelujah Night,” on October 31st. Whether they were African American, Caribbean or African, the stories they were told of Halloween was that it is Evil, Satanic and demonic, with no real explanation offered, just an overall sentiment that a nefarious darkness surrounds the holiday. That same fear of Halloween has been extended by Black people to any spiritual theology that is not Christianity, including the African traditional religions. In Lamar’s experience, Black people are scared when he tells them about his faith, even though it’s from the Motherland. “We have built our culture around the oppressor’s culture,” he says. However, there is, perhaps, hope. Although many are scared, there is a percentage of Black people whose natural sense of curiosity is piqued when Lamar discusses Ifa and Santeria. “The moon affects the ocean. It creates tides. Human beings are made up of 70 percent water. What makes us think the moon won’t affect us? When we bury a dead body, if you go back to the body over some time you will find that the body has become one with the earth. That tells us that we are nature. The body disappears, but the energy doesn’t go anywhere. When people die, the energy is released into the ethos. And so is the same for the spirit of our ancestors. There is no heaven or hell.”- Dalian Adofo African spirituality is about liberation according to Adofo. It’s purpose is to connect with the ancestors’ energy for guidance. Christianity, on the other hand, was used as a measure of control. In fact, Adolfo goes on to say that in African practices, there is no such thing as “The Devil,” a far cry from Christianity’s teachings. “There is duality. Within you is a spark, a spirit. The physical body, plus the spiritual body equals YOU,” Adolfo says. “Each [of us] have a role to play which explains why we are in the physical realm.” He believes that the meaning of life is to essentially discover our purpose in a physical world that is like an “energy plant”, where we can have access to any energy at any time, if we know how. In Western cultures, accessing these supernatural energies is categorized as evil. Adofo believes that the same process can have two different outcomes. Using slavery as an example — one side believes that they are in the right, while the other obviously rejects the practice, though both sides rely on God for perseverance. Pretty fucked up, right? This supports the premise that the practice cannot be categorically evil, but that intent is the determining factor. It’s thus important to note that Black magic has been marketed as evil — just like us. Black people’s current disposition towards the magic within and for us, is a result of the systemic separation from anything that would safeguard us. This includes natural resources, education, tradition, language and spiritual practices. We’ve been taught that no matter where we are globally — even on the African continent — we have no rights to anything. Only recently have we felt comfortable enough to rediscover our magic via hashtags and economic upward mobility. Ancestral Voices believes that creating educational resources which explore African concepts are useful for Black folks in the 21st century and paramount to regaining our power. It’s quite possible that the key to a better future is in the notes of our past. As we continue our quest to unveil our #blackboyjoy or harness our #blackgirlmagic, we would do well to remember that we come from a long line of folks that have accomplished the “impossible”. What we might look at as otherworldly or magical, is really a history so rich that it’s embedded in our blood. We may just need some assistance in connecting to it. Araujo brought up a fascinating point when she asked us to watch someone catching the Holy Spirit in church, and to then to watch a video of someone experiencing deity possession in an African traditional religious ceremony. With the sound off, both look exactly the same. Similarly to how many African cultures pour libations for the deceased, we do the same in the states when we pour out liquor “for the homies who ain’t here.” We are connected and no matter how far off-course we may find ourselves, the truth is, the magic is within us. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Y’ALL!!! Have you been looking for a way to join secret occult in Africa? 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Although money is not necessary for you to experience things, money and freedom mean the same thing. And at core of who we are, there is an awareness of our right to freedom, which is why our relationship to money is one of the main themes in our life experience. Therefore, it is not surprising that we all have such strong feelings about money. We want to show you that the alignment of your thoughts of making money, the way you feel about this idea, and the money that flows into your pocket. If you can bring these thoughts into alignment consciously, you will gain access to the powers of the universe, and then you will see that time and physical effort are quite irrelevant to your financial success. Let’s begin with a simple premise of your world and universe: You get what you think. We often hear people say that cannot be right, because I have wanted more money all my life and I have thought about it, and yet I still struggle with the fact that I do not have enough of it. And what we always tell them afterwards, is that the most important thing to improve your financial situation is to really understand where struggles stem from. We can give your business new hope through our use of rituals you will attract more money and have greater success. Success or failure often depends on “accidental” meetings and “random”, suddenly opened possibilities. Even Albert Einstein said: “There are no coincidences. God does not play dice. Money Magic The right way of thinking When you talk or think about money and you feel discomfort or fear, you are not speaking about money, but instead the lack of it. When you speak about money and you feel joy, comfort and think about prosperity and well being, you will get it.The difference is significant because the second statement makes money, the first keeps money from you. It is important, how you think about money and more importantly how you feel about money. If you say things like: ‘Oh this is beautiful, if only I could afford it’. Such thoughts are the sign, that you don’t have the harmonious attitude towards wealth and prosperity. So, first step is to understand, what is wrong with your thoughts and attitudes. Only if you know your problem, you can change it! Instead of the feeling of disappointment or lack of something, which cannot be fulfilled now, your attention should be more focused on what you want. No on the absence of it. Many people constantly associate the feeling of not having enough with their lives; because they lack the ability to think beyond what they actually experience. In other words, if they see money is scarce, and are aware of it and often speak of it, they will remain in this state and this thought pattern will become chronic. Now I know many of you are protesting what I am saying, but the truth is that the power lies within you. You must understand that you will not achieve your desire if you continue just to look for it and speak of it. You also need to take an action! It is the second step. Extend who you are, you cannot fulfil your desire with your current identity, you need to become more than you are today. For example, if you want to be successful, you have to adapt the behaviour and habits of successful people! Our way of thinking is what creates our life! How we think is how we experience our reality. Transform your thinking, be grateful for everything, and you will attract more experience worthy of being grateful. This transformation is occult Magic! And if you support this with some success ritual, you will attract the chance you are waiting for. Most important is to find a balance If you care only about your inner harmony, strengthen the things that you accumlate and focus on your actions and your state of well being, but if you do not find this balance and try to feel better, do more things and activities in order to feel better, you do not ever pick up the balance. For most people this will comes from a place of lacking, in many cases they want something just because they do not have it, and once they have the possession they are not satisfied inside because there is always something that they do not have. Thus, it becomes an endless struggle, always one more thing they want and that will not make them happy even if it is brought into their lives. Amulet to find a job For those looking for a job of any kind. Background: In the language of the sacred, Tyr represents success and victory in a search. It is the rune of the Norse god Tiw, a mighty warrior and noble ally in times of need. In runic alphabet Tyr is the first of eight runes according to traditional reigns. So all of the blessings, strength, determination and perseverance of this God can help you. When you call on the magical properties of this rune they will strengthen your resolve and your imagination, so that your search for a good paying job will be rewarded with success. You have noticed in the illustration that Tyr resembles an arrow. This represents how important it is to have a clear goal in mind when searching for a job. The rune also features a refuge, which suggest that this spell is needed and not used by the greedy and thus real success is likely to be obtained. To turn on the charm: Time: To reach your goals do this spell during a crescent moon. Wednesday is the best day as it is the day of understanding and the planet Mercury. Tuesday, which is named after the god Tiw, is considered the second best choice. Spell Application: 1 Construct a circle as directed 2 Ignite a candle with these words. ‘Spirit of success look over, me secure me, hold me. 3 Hold the flint firmly between your palms, and imagine yourself happy and satisfied on the way to work with a bag full of money. 4 When you are ready take a deep breath and breathe onto the stone as you imagine that everything you have just requested, will be transferred to the stone. Then say: With my breath I give you strength. 5 Paint Tyr on the flat side of the stone let it lie out to dry next to the candle. 6 The next day place the stone in your coat or pants pocket and carry it with you at all times. When your wish comes true throw the stone into the next possible natural water. What you will need: A yellow candle 15-20cm high when you would like to do the spell on Wednesday or a red candle 15-20cm high if you wish to do the spell on Tuesday. Matches or lighter. A small stone with a flat surface – light and small enough to be worn in a jacket or trouser pocket. More on Money magic and magic success. Do you sometimes feel like everything happens for a reason? That some people are just “luckier” or others that always seem to have ‘bad luck’. These events are not a mere coincidence. Whether they know it or not, these situations are the result of an accurate, precise plan and the interactions of others. We can help you achieve your goals, so you are among those who “have more luck,”. Let us help you make your dreams come true. Money magic rituals Voodoo Ritual Money magic, magic success – white magic The work lamp What you will need: One coconut One candle wick Heart meat (you can get this at your local supermarket) Bones Oil Red wine Two small pieces of wood or coconut that you can tie together to support the candlewick. It is important that you make this lamp, so that you have a connection to the lamp. First cut the coconut in half, use three stones (placed under the coconut) to support it so that it does not tip over. For safety we recommend you place the coconut on a middle cooking tray or any other tray or pan with high sides incase the oil leaks. Do not remove the pulp from the coconut, as this will prevent the oil from leaking out. If you do remove the pulp the coconut will leak hot oil and this can also be dangerous. Second, take the bone and push it inside of the heart meat, for example if you were to push one finger into clay. Next, place the heart meat and bone inside of the coconut and pour seven drops of red wine over the top. While dripping the red wine, verbalize your wishes and call Legba. Next pour the hot oil over the bone and heart meat, do not fill the coconut more than half way. While pouring the oil concentrate on Legba and the lamp. Now take the two sticks, bamboo or coconut and lay them on top one another in an X shape. You can attach them to one another with string or the candlewick. Next place the candlewick in between these two pieces of bamboo and very carefully, holding the top end of the wick place it into the oil. The bamboo should float on the oil and keep the top of the wick out of the oil; the bottom of the wick should be submerged. The lamp should be kept burning until you obtain your desired result. Caution Legba is one of the strongest Loa, and should not be called upon unnecessarily; this could have very serious consequences. Who keeps searching, will find! Are you feeling sick, weak or experience an overall lack of energy? Do you need to solve your current situation or problem with the help of magic because all other solutions have failed? Try to solve your problems with us, we’re looking forward to hearing from you! Ebutalium rituals for Prosperity Business Support and Success Spells What is real success? It is permanent life in satisfaction, balance and happiness! The Ebutalium ritual of prosperity, or magic of success and money, can help your business to spread its wings. In order to achieve, what you desire, we can assist you in making difficult business decisions. Many times, a business is about spending hours at work, including your weekends. This is very energy demanding way of life and therefore, we can increase your energy level, so that you can follow your dreams. What if your business is going in the wrong direction? Sometimes you feel that even though you may seem to do your best, things are not improving. Your confidence fades away. Do not worry and concentrate on your business! We can help you to find out the reasons of your failures and focus you on solving of your problems. How to attract success New way of thinking 4 steps towards more money Ritual for success We can support you through magic of success, magical rituals for money and wealth rituals. But be aware, that the real reason you want success, money and wealth, is your inner desire to be happy and safe. Don’t wait to be happy, when your dreams come true one day… instead of that, while pursuing your dreams, choose to be happy here and now and be always aware, who you really are. Prosperity Magic How to attract success Do you ever feel like somethings happen for a reason? Like there are some people that are just more ‘lucky’ or they seem to get all what they want and have more chances than others? These happenings are not coincidences. Theses “lucky” people do things differently than others. Their “luck” is the result of their clear visions what they want (which attracts the right things), their focus on what they want (they don’t waste time, do just one thing till they get what they want), and active behaviour: careful planning and action. We can help you to achieve your goals, get those breaks, and be one of the ‘lucky’ ones. Let us help you make your dreams come true. Success often depends on „fortuitous“ meeting and „fortuitous“ unexpectedly opened possibilities. Chances are here for everyone! The question is, how to attract things, which we want and how to make things work for us, not against us. Albert Einstein said: „There are no fortuities. God doesn’t play dice.“ The power achieved from the rituals of money and success can open doors, which you think you would never open alone. We can support you with energy transfers and with our magic rituals, so that you don’t just work hard, but your well-being grows steadily and you have a chance to achieve, what you want. We can say that every human is a Mage. We can say this, because everybody attracts that kind of reality, which s he has in his her attention. Our thoughts, attention and also consciousness are energies. Winners never give up after one failure (or twenty failures), because they believe and feel, that it is just a matter of time to get what they want. They are positive about their desires and they never doubt, weather they can achieve something or not! This topic is explained very concisely in the following books: Esther and Jerry Hicks – Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness Neale Donald Walsch – Happier than God Wayne W. Dyer – Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting So, as it was said, person who wishes success or wealth should think about them. One should think of what s he wishes, not of what s he doesn’t wish. Even the poorest person in the world has one freedom: to decide, what thoughts s he will feed and cultivate in his her mind. Good thoughts and gratitude attracts good things to life. Fears, doubts and miserable thoughts attract exactly, what we don’t want. For example, one can think positively about a future, in which he she earns enough money. The other can think of lack of money and bother him herself with bad feelings. The first one will attract wealth, the second one the lack of wealth. Of course, in theory it is easy to say and in practice not easy to achieve. We will teach you some meditation techniques, which can help you to direct your thoughts in right way. In order to deal with your thoughts and feelings, with yourself, you need of course some practice and endurance. Find out more and contact us! Magic of Money and Success A new way of thinking Magic of money and magic of success help you to get quickly accustomed to new way of thinking. With the help of magic will quickly appear new business possibilities and better paid working possibilities; and this will make a change in your life. Everyone has the right to successful and fulfilled life and the magic can help you to fulfil this dream. With the help of magic of money and magic of success, you will feel more energy and inspiration on the one hand; on the other hand you will become well- balanced, peaceful and naturally self-confident. Magic creates a new chance. But Magic needs some basic, through witch it flows. And this basis is your own activity (psychical and physical). Magic is the key, which opens the door. But it has to be you, who walk through that door and win, what is prepared there for you! 4. Steps towards money and success Statistics show us, that the lack of money and financial problems are the main reasons for a divorce and ending relationships in general. And, experience also shows us, that people with good living standard are able to find a partner much easier than people with financial problems. Here are some tips, what to do to improve your financial situation: 1. Build positive relationship towards money! Many people want and try to be good, but unconsciously think: “Money spoil one’s character, money are dirty, if someone has money, he has to be vicious!” If are these ideas also in your head, you can hardly expect, that you will become rich. It is important to know, that the money are simply the energy. They are not positive or negative. People make them positive or negative with their activities. If you want to earn more money, you need to change your attitudes towards money (you can try to use also tools like hypnosis or meditation). You can say and experience it within:“I am attracting the abundance of money. This energy of abundance is good and I like to attract good things.” 2. Build your prosperity strategy on knowledge. Nowadays, it is hardly possible to earn a lot of money by doing simple jobs and manual activities. Everything, what can be automatised, will be automatised and more and more jobs are done by robots and automatic machines. So, the simple jobs like taxi driver or booking clerk will vanish. The only way, how to earn more money, is to have or know something, what others don’t have and they want it. To be an expert is certain area. If you want to invest money, invest them into your own education. There are many possibilities of education, and internet enables us to study also online. 3. Create a clear direction, where you want to go. In general, it is always useful to invest your time into learning foreign languages. English language is a must, and its importance will grow further. If you know english well, learn another language, which you find attractive, learn design or psychology, or mechanical engineering. Just don’t stop learning something new all the time. With learning, you meet new people, get new inspiring ideas, make your perspective broader. This way, you can get wonderful business ideas too. Your way to earning lots of money will be easier, if you do, what you like and enjoy. There are lots of people, who did’n achieve anything just because they did something in order to earn lots of money. One should do it differently. Do, what you like and what gives you a meaning. Unfortunately, there are too many people, who don’t know, what they want. There are two strategies, how to find out, what you want. First strategy: imagine, that you have on your account 300.000.000 dollars. What will you do? This way, many people get an idea, what would they do: “If I have lots of money, I would spend my days on the beach, surfing. Or, I would write a books, or have a farm with horses”. Many times you can do these activities also without profound investments, or you can start planning, what would you need, in order to get what you want. If you want to write a book, it is no problem to sit down and write one hour a day on computer. Second strategy: imagine, that you died. What would you like to hear people saying at your funeral? What message would you like to give to the world? What is worthy to remember? The most important thing is to start doing something despite of lack of time or money. Just do it because it gives a meaning to my life. I recommend you to read this book: „The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing“ by Bronnie Ware. 4. If you know, what you want, do it professionally and perfectly. Who is my target group? What are the problems and needs of these people? If you don’t exactly know, ask them. Invest into marketing, so that people know about you, build a platform, where your potential clients find answers to their questions and needs. It is necessary to do your business professionally. Later, it will create you a profit. Simple ritual for success and money Ebutalium ritual You will need: one golden candle, one dark green candle. They represent business and money. Then you will need orange oil and Patchouli oil. Best time for the ritual: for money and success spell is best time period of waxing moon till full moon, days Thursday or Sunday. Ritual instructions: Spread oils on both candles. Start in the middle of the candle and move to the upper edge, let fingers loose the candle. Then, again, move from the upper part to the middle and continue to the lower part. Place dark green candle to the left and golden candle to the right side. Light up dark green candle and then golden candle. Then, say aloud your wish. Wish should be formulated in positive way and said in present time, as if it has already come true. After saying your desire, concentrate as strong as possible on your wish, visualise it so that you can see it in front of you clearly. Then, leave the candles burn down completely. With the help of Power and prosperity magic, you can achieve everything your deeper self desires. With the support of our energies you will have power to become successful. Talk with us! More rituals for magic and success. Your life is yours, you can do anything with it and it’s too short so enjoy it now. Contact us Mobile: +234 7087065680 phone : +234 8050325488 Email :

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