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Himalayan Salt Lamps – When Happiness becomes Lamp-shaped

The way the thought of a bonfire with your friends and family soothes your spiritual soul, cuddles you in, and provides warmth in that blanket with your adored ones can be felt diurnal at home. Eternal peace and fervor coziness.

These Himalayan Salt lamps enable an incandescent aura to your environment. The world’s after it since Covid, want to learn why? Keep reading.


Original & orthodox salt lamps are made from the Khewra salt mine, which is in Pakistan. It is the second-largest in the world. The mine is famous for its production of pink salt, AKA Himalayan salt.

Born Identity

Himalayan salt constitutes 98% sodium chloride. It also has hints of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and zinc. These minerals are borne identity of salt lamps as they give them their signature pink color ranging from shades of light to dark.


They are sculpted out of crystals of Himalayan salt. The salt is scooped out from inside for a bulb to fit in. They radiate a crimson-pink glow as you light them up.

Their working is quite intricate, as well as simple. They are also called “Natural Ionizers” as they change the electric charge of the circulating air. The salt crystal lamp attracts water molecules from the air to its heated surface. The water and salt form a solution. When the solution evaporates, due to the heat of the lamp, negatively charged ions are created. The emission of negative ions from these lamps overrides the positive ions from the environment.

Various environmental factors create an imbalance of these ions, producing more positive ions. Balance of positive & negative ions is essential, and an abundance of negative ions creates a healthy and happy environment.

“It is a common observation that people develop feelings of pleasantness and well-being after a storm, when the environment is clean and fresh; it’s filled with abundant negative ions. Studies have shown that novel purification systems using positively and negatively charged ions were developed to create comfortable living environments.”  [Int. Arch. Allergy Immunol., 2006; 141: 313-321]

The Lucidity Of Espousing Salt Lamps

It’s pandemic, and people are in desperate craving for tranquility. Also, home décor is on the run. But this isn’t the reason alone for the mass to be running behind Himalayan salt lamps. Here’s why;

Environment Purification

The chemical properties of Crystal Salt Lamps allow them to clean air and eliminate airborne dross. Their ability to neutralize and purify air helps asthma and allergy-prone patients a lot.

“Treatment with negative ions has shown remarkable diminution in the allergen against Japanese cedar pollen allergies.” [ Int. Arch. Allergy Immunol., 2006; 141: 313-321]

It also protects us from the harmful radiations of electronics around our place.

Revamped Immunity

It makes us attentive, thus work productivity increases. It also increases lung capacity and minimizes the chances of cold or flu. It also enhances our system through color therapy and radiation.

Happy Mind

The ambiance created by the amber light of salt lamps ameliorates moods. The remedied mood helps to sleep in the warmth of the lamp.

“Previous studies have shown that exposure to salt lamp enhances memory, lessens anxiety, and improves activity.”  [Pak. J. Biochem. Mole. Biol., 2007; 40: 134-138]


Although the theories for salt lamp benefits are not tested, but the radiation of negative ions beats it all as people are delighted by its effects, and the sales are augmenting per diem.

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