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10 Best Dropshipping Suppliers Singapore For Small Business

10 Best Dropshipping Suppliers Singapore For Small Business

As the e-commerce sector expands, so does the use of dropshipping. As a matter of fact, the total value of the dropshipping market in 2018 was $102.2 billion, with a CAGR of 28.8 percent predicted between now and 2025. And with Singapore’s ecommerce industry predicted to be worth US$2,793 million in 2021, it’s easy to see why some local merchants could be interested in exploring dropshipping as a growth strategy. Of course, having trustworthy dropshipping suppliers that consistently provide high-quality goods is crucial to the success of any dropshipping enterprise.

Regardless of where you are in your e-commerce journey, establishing strong relationships with reliable dropshipping wholesalers may have a huge impact on your bottom line. This article will show you the ropes when it comes to dropshipping in Singapore, from where to find suppliers to which businesses are the best to work with.

What is dropshipping?

In dropshipping, the retailer does not retain any of the items the customer orders in stock. Instead, to fulfill requests, the seller will make ad hoc purchases of stock from a supplier (often a wholesaler or manufacturer).

Top Suppliers for Dropshipping in Singapore

1. eWorldTrade


Over the past few years, Korean cosmetics have become a global phenomenon. Dropship these in-demand beauty products from eWorldTrade and reach more customers.

The dropshipping service provided by eWorldTrade is one of a kind since it provides two distinct dropshipping choices.

When dealing with the first scenario, you would:

  • Name the Korean cosmetics that you know about.
  • eWorldTrade is a fulfillment service that will send your products to your consumers once you place an order with them at a wholesale price and have the goods delivered to their warehouse.

To change things up, you may also:

  • Introduce any of the high-quality Korean brands suggested by eWorldTrade to your store’s inventory and let eWorldTrade know how well they’re selling.
  • Products are purchased and distributed to clients by eWorldTrade.
  • Wholesale goods costs, handling, and local/international shipping are all included in your bill from eWorldTrade.
  • Dropshipping is a breeze using eWorldTrade comprehensive You’s toolset. The procedure is made to be simple for all dropshippers to utilize, from brand suggestions to translation links.

2. NicheDropshipping


The drop shipping firm NicheDropshipping operates out of China. Instead of a single drop shipping provider, it provides access to a vast network of them.

How does that function?

NicheDropshipping is like a vault full of reliable vendors. If you have a NicheDropshipping account, you may quickly and easily identify the items you need to fulfill any order, regardless of the specific product niche in which you operate.

For quality assurance, NicheDropshipping not only screens all suppliers but also performs a comprehensive quality check on every shipment before it leaves the facility. Never fear that your consumers may be sent subpar goods again.

When it comes to orders, NicheDropshipping may fulfill in-stock orders in as little as 24 hours but requires 2-5 days for large orders or those that are temporarily out of stock. Private labeling and white labeling services, as well as other forms of customization, may add extra time to the processing of special orders.

The 5 distribution centers that makeup NicheDropshipping allow for global shipping. To top it all off, Singapore has 18 different delivery methods for you to choose from when fulfilling dropship orders for your consumers.

3. AliExpress


AliExpress is a marketplace where sellers from all around the world may list their wares. Toys, toiletries, apparel, and accessories are just a few of the many categories covered.

There is a wide selection, and the vendors on AliExpress also have a solid grasp of dropshipping. In addition, many of them ship internationally. This means you can stop worrying about whether or not Singapore is on their dropshipping destination lists.

By conducting a search on AliExpress, you can easily locate vendors that stock goods in your market segment. After a search, you’d have to sort through the results to discover vendors that can satisfy your needs.

When selecting AliExpress dropshipping providers, it is crucial to pay attention to their ratings. If you do this, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding drop shipping providers with a history of late or shoddy delivery and items.

4. Oberlo


Assuming you’re using Shopify for your dropshipping business, you’ve probably heard of Oberlo. To put it simply, it’s a program designed to let you gain access to several vendors selling a wide variety of goods.

When you join Oberlo, you have access to a network of suppliers that are willing to export your goods to Singapore. As an added bonus, the Oberlo app would allow you to do the following:

  • Group the goods you want to buy in the way that suits you most.
  • Figure out which photos will be shown.
  • Add the well-selected product catalog to your dropshipping website.

Many of the tools you’ll need to succeed as a drop shipper are right here in Oberlo. You will be able to download books, watch tutorial videos, look up information about various goods, and get in touch with a helpful staff member whenever you need it.

You’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan if you want access to all of Oberlo’s features, such as shipping tracking and discounted bulk orders. Presently, you’d need $30 for it.

5. SaleHoo


SaleHoo compiles a list of over 8,000 pre-screened overseas suppliers for dropshippers to choose from. They source from manufacturers of well-known products including Canon, Revlon, Converse, and many more.

You may skip this step and go straight to comparing suppliers on SaleHoo if you have already decided on a certain market segment to serve. If you haven’t already, you should use the platform’s product research tool to learn about the potential earnings of several items.

You may start selling items from the best vendors after contacting them and reaching an agreement on conditions. SaleHoo provides around-the-clock assistance in case of problems.

Isn’t there a nagging feeling that everything is too nice to be true?

However, there is a catch: at the moment, SaleHoo requires either a yearly membership price of $67 or a one-time lifetime membership fee of $127. In addition, if you are not satisfied with the service for any reason within the first 60 days, your money will be refunded.

6. Printful


If you own a shop and want to provide bespoke products to your clients, Printful is the supplier for you. You may also use it effectively to research specific markets, such as those for novelty products.

This is how the setup procedure goes:

  • Start using Printful by making an account.
  • Join your dropshipping business with Printful.
  • Specify the made-to-order item(s) you plan to sell

Printful will print the goods as ordered and deliver them to the consumer without any middlemen. They won’t put their name or information on the items, so customers will think your store is the one providing them.

Printful’s streamlined order management and shipping visibility is because of its integrated automation system. In addition, it’s been fine-tuned for use with popular dropshipping storefronts including Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon, and more.

When it comes to delivery, Printful covers all of Singapore and the rest of the world. As an added bonus, it has several partner facilities in different areas, which may frequently lead to cheaper shipping rates.

7. Spocket


Would the people that make up your target market prefer items from minor European and American brands? If so, you may want to look into Spocket.

By joining Spocket, you’ll have access to a wide variety of items from several US and EU vendors. In addition to enabling automatic integration and categorizing providers depending on the items they offer, it simplifies the process of finding what you need.

Signing up is quick and easy. However, you’ll need to sign up for a premium subscription. Pricing for monthly subscriptions starts at $24 and goes up to $99, while yearly plans cost $29 and go up to $115.

Increased subscription levels grant entry to a wider pool of vendors. Spocket may have few features, but its supplier list is far more sophisticated than those of competing platforms.

Get a feel for Spocket with their free trial before making a long-term commitment.

8. Wholesale2B


Wholesale2B, like many of the other services below, gives dropshippers access to a large pool of suppliers from which to choose. However, it does offer a unique benefit over alternatives.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll have access to search for the goods you require and arrange them in any way you see fit. Here’s how dropshipping deals go down:

  • You put up a catalog of goods for sale on your website.
  • Consumers place orders and make financial transactions
  • Through Wholesale2B’s dropshipping platform, you may place an order with the manufacturer and pay at the wholesale rate.
  • Your customer has received their order.

If you’d instead not negotiate with individual wholesalers, Wholesale2B is here to help. Dropshipping just requires you to advertise items and send payment to the supplier, provided you have access to the Wholesale2B platform.

All orders placed with Wholesale2B are fulfilled within 24 hours. Direct communication with vendors is free of charge, however, having orders processed on your behalf will cost you 3% of the total.

Not only is there no cost to try out Wholesale2B for 30 days, but no credit card is necessary to join up. Those who want to make regular use of the service may want to investigate the available premium membership options.

Most of the vendors on this site do not provide direct shipping to Singapore. Wholesale2B, on the other hand, suggests and can facilitate the use of third-party shipping services. You can also use diversio management system, to know the diversity of industries in the market.

9. DHgate


Similar to Alibaba, DHgate is a business-to-business marketplace. It features an extensive catalog of goods and the Chinese companies that manufacture them. However, this could work out for you because it’s so simple to transport goods from China to Singapore.

Using DHgate to connect with wholesalers won’t cost you a dime. However, you’ll have to do your own checking into them and building a rapport with them.

It’s simple to get started using DHgate. It’s easy to get started after an account has been created, items have been identified, and suppliers have been contacted. After you and the vendor have settled on a trading agreement, you may begin offering the goods for sale on your website.

10. CJ Dropshipping


CJ Dropshipping is a service that not only connects you with Singaporean suppliers that are willing to drop ship to you, but which also offers a plethora of other benefits. These methods include bulk purchasing, print-on-demand services, and sourcing products.

Creating an online business is as simple as creating an account and searching for things to sell.

CJ Dropshipping stocks from warehouses all around the world. You may rest easy knowing that orders sent in and around Singapore will be fulfilled, and in much less time than before. Logistics expenses may be reduced by placing warehouses close to the places where your clients live.

Other possible benefits of CJ Dropshipping include:

  • Varieties of Products
  • Indicative of Wholesale Costs
  • Integrate drop shipment routines automatically
  • Products are thoroughly inspected for quality before being shipped to clients.

Find the top Singapore dropshipping firms to launch your company.

Doing dropshipping well may be a rewarding business venture. Choosing a reliable eCommerce hosting platform and zeroing in on a lucrative topic are just two of the numerous requisites for flourishing as a drop shipper. The greatest drop shipping businesses, however, are aware of how critical it is to locate reliable suppliers who can provide them with high-quality goods at affordable pricing and reliable delivery options. Shopify is great for dropshippers since it simplifies the process of opening an online store, accepts a variety of payment methods, and provides a plethora of applications that link you up with wholesalers that specialize in drop shipping.

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