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Where Is The Best Place To Sell Gemstones Online In 2023

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Gemstones Online In 2023

Gemstones have been highly sought after for centuries, and with the advent of online shopping, it’s never been easier to buy and sell these precious stones. With so many different options available in 2021, it can be difficult to decide where is the best place to sell gemstones online.

In 2023, this decision will become even more important as new technologies allow buyers and sellers alike to get the most out of their transactions. To help you make an informed decision about where to purchase or sell your gemstones online in 2023, we’ve gathered information on some of the top marketplaces that specialize in gems.

We’ll look at each marketplace’s pricing structure, selection of stones offered, payment methods accepted and any additional services they provide that may be useful when selling your gems online. By taking all these factors into consideration you should be able to find a platform that fits your needs perfectly.

Top 10 Online Places To Sell Gemstones

1. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is an online marketplace that specializes in providing buyers and sellers with a selection of gemstones from around the world. With over 1 million listings, this platform offers some of the best prices on diamonds, rubies, sapphires and many other precious stones. On top of that, eWorldTrade also provides additional services such as secure payment gateways for transactions, customer support in multiple languages and free shipping options depending on the buyer’s location. What makes this platform stand out from its competitors is its commitment to ensuring all customers have a hassle-free transaction experience by offering free technical support for any issues that may arise during the process

2. Etsy

Etsy is one of the leading online marketplaces when it comes to selling gemstones. This platform caters to both buyers and sellers by allowing users to create customizable shop pages where they can list their items for sale. Etsy also has a wide variety of gems available for purchase from certified vendors making it easier for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for when shopping on this platform. Additionally, Etsy provides secure payment methods as well as various shipping options so customers can get their items quickly and securely without having to worry about any potential delays or losses along the way.

3. eBay

eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world and has become a go-to destination for many shoppers looking for gemstones at competitive prices. The platform allows people to buy new or used gemstones from verified sellers who have been rated by previous customers based on their experiences with them while shopping on eBay – giving buyers peace of mind when purchasing from this platform knowing they can trust whoever sold them their item(s). In addition, eBay also offers a wide selection of gems so customers are sure to find something that suits their needs as well as convenient payment methods like PayPal which helps streamline transactions while keeping them secure at all times.

4. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is another great place to buy gemstones online with a focus on antique jewelry and collectibles from around the globe. This marketplace specializes in providing shoppers with an extensive selection of unique pieces made from a variety of precious materials like gold, silver and more – allowing them to find something truly special when shopping here. What makes Ruby Lane stand out amongst its competitors though is its commitment to quality control which can be seen through its strict guidelines set out by experienced jewelers who inspect each piece before it’s listed on the website – ensuring only genuine items are offered here guaranteeing satisfaction every time you shop here.

5. Amazon

Amazon is another top choice among shoppers when it comes to buying gemstones online due to its large selection and unbeatable prices compared to other platforms out there today (especially when taking advantage of their Prime memberships). On Amazon, you’ll find both new and used gemstones available at discount rates being sold directly by verified sellers meaning customers are guaranteed quality service every time they purchase something here not matter how big or small it may be! Amazon also provides various payment methods like credit cards or PayPal which helps make transactions hassle-free while providing added security thanks to their state-of-the-art encryption system protecting your data at all times against malicious actors lurking online today.

6. Bonanza

Bonanza is an American owned marketplace which prides itself on connecting buyers with reliable domestic sellers who specialize in selling quality gems that meet international standards set forth by organizations such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society). Bonanza also offers a wide variety of payment options including credit cards, PayPal, ApplePay etc., allowing customers greater flexibility while shopping here – plus free returns if you don’t end up being satisfied with your purchase! Furthermore, Bonanza offers competitive shipping rates depending on how quickly you need your item(s) delivered – making it easy for anyone looking for high quality gems without breaking the bank!

7. 1stdibs

1stdibs is an online marketplace specializing in antique jewelry & art pieces – including gems sourced from reputable dealers located across Europe & America offering unparalleled quality assurance standards unlike anything else available today! When shopping here, you can expect amazing deals with no hidden fees attached plus highly knowledgeable customer service representatives who will always be happy assist you should any issue arise during your shopping experience! Plus 1stdibs supports multiple payments methods including Visa®, Mastercard®, JCB® etc., helping keep transactions safe & secure no matter what kind of credit card holder you are!

8. Capucinne Jewelry Exchange

The Capucinne Jewelry Exchange is yet another excellent option when searching for gemstones online thanks largely due their impeccable selection & reasonable pricing structure compared to other platforms catering primarily towards fine jewelry purchases! This marketplace boasts thousands upon thousands different types & sizes of gemstones available for purchase directly from their website meaning customers don’t have to worry about dealing with any third-parties during the process. Plus, they also provide secure payment options through PayPal & Google Pay as well as free shipping on orders over a certain amount which can help reduce overall costs when shopping here!

9. GILI Marketplace

GILI Marketplace is a great place to buy gemstones online if you’re looking for something truly unique! This platform offers stunning pieces sourced from all over the world with each being handpicked based on their quality & authenticity ensuring customers are getting exactly what they pay for. In addition, GILI also provides various payment options including credit cards & PayPal so customers can shop here confidently knowing that their data is safe at all times! Plus their website is incredibly user-friendly making it easy for anyone to find the perfect gemstone quickly & effortlessly!

10. Gem Rock Auctions

Gem Rock Auctions is a great place to buy gemstones online if you’re looking for something truly special. This platform prides itself on helping buyers find rare & unique gems from around the globe with each being certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) – guaranteeing authentication every time one of their items is purchased! What’s more, Gem Rock Auctions also offers free shipping worldwide as well as secure payment options through PayPal so customers can shop here without having to worry about anything going wrong in the process!

How do I sell gemstones online?

Selling gemstones online may be a bit more difficult than buying them, however it’s not impossible! Before you begin selling your gemstones, you’ll need to ensure that they have been certified by an independent gemologist or organization such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Once this has been done, you can start selling your gems on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay or Etsy – which are all great options for getting started. Additionally, there are also specialized marketplaces like Ruby Lane and Capucinne Jewelry Exchange which focus solely on selling high quality gems and jewelry pieces.

No matter what platform you decide to use when selling your gemstones online, make sure to be honest and transparent with potential buyers and always provide clear photos of the stones along with a detailed description that accurately reflects its features. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that your pricing structure should reflect the quality of your gemstones as well as any current market trends as these can greatly affect how well they will sell. Finally, it’s also a good idea to have reliable customer service in place should any issue arise during the transaction process – helping ensure customers feel safe when buying from you!


As you can see, there are plenty of great places to buy and sell gemstones online in 2023. Whether you’re looking for high quality stones from reliable sources or simply want to browse through different pieces available on the market today – there is something for everyone! Just make sure to do your research before making any purchase so that you end up with a gemstone that perfectly fits your needs. With the right knowledge and preparation, finding the perfect gemstone online is only a few clicks away!

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