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Lock Parts

Find the best Lock Parts Manufacturers & Suppliers

Don’t let the security of your home get in danger by keeping old locks just for the sake of saving some money. There are different lock parts that you can easily replace and repair on your own, without getting a locksmith to do it. A latch is the part of a lock that spreads into the frame. When replacing a latch, you should consider a positive locking latch for extra security or a flexible latch for the bolt since normal latches can easily be opened with minimum force. A strike plate is attached to the frame of a door lock. The strike plate is the part of the lock that is easier to change, since it has only two screws which fixes it to the frame. Strike plates usually comes in a range of sizes and shapes. The lock cylinder is the most important part of a lock. It contains the “code” of a key and decides whether the door unlocks or locks.