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  • Origin: China
  • Supply Type: oem service
  • Processing Time: 24H

Supplier Info.

  • Employees Total 101-200
  • Annual Revenue Above US$100 Million

一. Installation Instruction

For your benefit,Before installation and Usage this boiler, Please bring the boiler attached to the relevant documents to the local boiler safety supervision agency for installation and use procedures.

1、Boiler installation instructions

Boiler installation should be to the local safety supervision department to go through the formalities for examination and approval of the installation. Boiler room decorate should comply with the regulations of Boiler Safety Technology Supervision Regulation, the design of the boiler house design shall have corresponding qualifications unit to carry on the design. Boiler installation and use should be consistent with "boiler safety technical supervision regulations" GB50273-2009 "boiler installation engineering and construction acceptance", GB13271-2014 "Boiler Air Pollutant Discharge Standard" TSG G0002-2010 "boiler energy-saving technical supervision and management procedures" GB50041-2008 "boiler room design specifications" requirements.

2、Economic operation instructions

Boiler room system design, should ensure the safety performance of the premise, to fully improve energy efficiency, reduce water, electricity, heat and other consumption, and promote heat recovery and cascade utilization. Boiler room equipment layout should be to minimize the length of pipe, smoke duct length and the number of elbows to reduce the flow resistance. Boiler wall, smoke duct, a variety of thermal equipment, heat pipes and valves should have a good sealing and insulation properties, When the ambient temperature is 25 ℃, 300mm away from the door (hole) outside the furnace surface temperature must not exceed 50 ℃, The roof shall not exceed 70 ℃, a variety of thermal equipment, heat pipes and valve surface temperature shall not exceed 50 ℃. Boiler medium parameters should be selected to meet the requirements, should not make the boiler rated outlet pressure and temperature and the use of pressure and temperature difference is too large, the boiler normal sewage rate should be not more than 5%.

When the boiler exhaust gas temperature> 170 ℃, the exhaust heat loss increases, affecting the economic operation of the boiler, should be promptly adjust the blower, the draft fan air volume, first reduce the blower air volume, and then reduce the draft fan air volume, the boiler excess air coefficient Close to the design value, the flue gas temperature reduced to ≤ 170 ℃; but the blower and induced draft fan air volume can not be too small, too small to increase the boiler's incomplete combustion heat loss, the same boiler can not be in economic operation.

Users should be based on the heat load demand and changes in the characteristics of a reasonable choice of boiler type, quantity and capacity, so that the boiler in the best energy efficiency conditions to run. When the user heat load fluctuations and frequent, Should be taken to balance the load of measures to achieve effective regulation, more than one boiler system should be equipped with centralized control device to ensure that the boiler running balance, in economic operation.

Boilers and their systems should stop running, run, drip, drain, make full use of condensate, secondary steam and continuous sewage water heat, and take measures to maximize the recovery of recyclable water recycling rate.

Installation of the boiler installation unit should have the appropriate installation permit; boiler pressure components of the welding, the project must be certified by the welder welding.

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