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South Africa

We export South Africa apples such as Fuji, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Royal Gala, Starking, Starkimson, Sundower and Top Red / Red Chief

1) Royal Gala and Fuji Apple 
-Variety: Royal Gala Apple and Fuji Apple
-Flavor:Smooth skin with light red color, high sugar with sweet -taste, very firm and juicy.
-Size: 32/36/40/44 (for 10kg/carton)
        150/163/175/198 (for 18kg/carton and 20kg/carton)

-Color: Red
-Cold Storage Temperature: ±2°C
-Place of Origin: South Africa

-10kg/carton.Size 32/36/40/44 for Europe market.(2054cartons)
-18kg/carton. Size 80/88/100 for  Indonesia.(1160cartons or 1186cartons)
Size 100/113/125/138 for Dubai Market. (1186cartons)
20kg/carton.Size 138/150/163/175/198 for Middle-east market. (1186cartons)


kinds: Golden delicious apples
2. Apple size: 88100/113/125/138/150 
3. Apple packing: 18kg/ctn, 20kg/ctns

Product Origin: South Africa
Products Information:
1.Golden apple The skin of bagged fruit  is yellow--green and the surface of fruit is very clean . It tastes sweet , crunchy, juicy.

2.Specification (size)
All size has different grade as per your require

when packing all size as per natural proportion

diameter      size            unit weight
8.5cm        64/72/80         0.27kg per apple
8.0cm        80/88/100        0.25kg per apple
7.5cm        100/113/125      0.2kg  per apple
7.0cm        125/138/150      0.16kg per apple
6.5cm        150/163/175/198  0.12kg per apple

3.Details of packing
Inner packing:each individual apple with net sock ( pink or white color)each carton with an inner fresh bag or sleeve and well separated by the paper tray

Outer packing:strong export standard carton box and the carton design or packing weight can share your idea

4.Packing quantity

model of container  net weight    quantity
1X40 FT RH          20KG/CTN      1186CTN
1X40 FT RH          18KG/CTN      1290CTN
1X40 FT RH          15KG/CTN      1661CTN
1X40 FT RH          10KG/CTN      2212CTN
1X40 FT RH          9KG/CTN       2338CTN

3) Fuji Apple
rich of vitamins, minerals , nutritions which are benefit to our health;
good shape, sweet taste and crispy, 
Fruit soluble solids content of 15.3% ~ 16.0%, 
acid content of 0.2% ~ 0.4% , 
sugar content is  about 17%

4) Red delicious apple 
Maturity :90% and up
Taste:sweet, delicious

Size & packing   
198 pieces/18kg ctn

b)100/113/125/138/150/163/175/198 pieces 20kg ctn

c) 28/32/36/40/44  pieces/10kg ctn

10 KG/CTN 2212 CTNS/FCL (40 FT RH)
18 KG/CTN 1264 CTNS/FCL (40 FT RH)
20 KG/CTN 1186 CTNS/FCL (40 FT RH)

Today, our team of growers, packers, processors and shippers is committed to consistently providing a wide range of high quality fruit, vegetables and value added products.


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Standard or Per Customer Requirement

  Delivery lead time

5 to 18 days

  Supply ability

10Tons Per Month

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